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WorldGuard is SMP only and requires Bukkit and WorldEdit.

  1. Download WorldGuard and WorldEdit (WorldEdit is required).
  2. In the folder with craftbukkit.jar, make a "plugins" folder if it's missing.
  3. Copy both WorldEdit.jar and WorldGuard.jar into "plugins".
  4. Restart the server.


Default configuration files will be created in plugins/WorldGuard/ when WorldGuard (and the server) is first started.

  1. Edit the file config.yml inside the folder above (How do I do this?) and change the configuration.
    • Each world also has its own configuration so you can override settings for each world. See the configuration page linked above for more information about that.
  2. Set up permissions or use worldguard.* for all permissions (What are these?).
  3. Type /wg reload in game to reload the configuration (and permissions).

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