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Check out the new WorldGuard documentation for WG 6+:

When you first run the server with WorldGuard installed, two types of configuration files will be generated:

  • A global configuration file will be generated at plugins/WorldGuard/config.yml.
  • For each world, a configuration will be generated at plugins/WorldGuard/worlds/worldname/config.yml.

The options in the global configuration affect the entire server. The per-world configuration files override settings from the global configuration file for each world respectively. For example, if you disable fire spread in the global configuration file, all worlds will have it disabled. However, one world can have it enabled by copying the setting into its configuration.

Setting Type Default Since Description
summary-on-start boolean true 1.2 Display a summary about the WorldGuard settings for that world on start.
op-permissions boolean true 5.0 Give all ops all permissions.
    item-durability boolean true 1.4 Change to 'false' to make tools invincible.
    remove-infinite-stacks boolean false 5.1 Enable to have WorldGuard scan player inventories and remove items with infinite stack sizes.
    disable-xp-orb-drops boolean false 5.3 Disable experience orbs dropping on death or from Bottles o' Enchanting, which may cause some lag in excess.
chest-protection: (see chest protection)
    enable boolean false 5.0 Enable chest protection.
    allow-portal-anywhere boolean false 1.4 Allow illegal placement of portal blocks.
    no-physics-sand boolean false 1.4 Prevent sand from falling. (Note: May be broken.)
    no-physics-gravel boolean false 1.4 Prevent gravel from falling. (Note: May be broken.)
    disable-water-damage-blocks list [] 1.4 List of block ID numbers to prevent water from destroying. Remember to use block IDs and not item IDs, such as with redstone.
    vine-like-rope-ladders boolean false 5.6.3 Makes ladders behave like vines (can hang without support)
    block-tnt boolean false 1.0 Block TNT from being ignited entirely.
    block-tnt-block-damage boolean false 5.3 Block TNT from destroying the terrain while allowing it to damage entities.
    block-lighter boolean false 1.0 Block lighter from being used entirely.
        enable boolean false 1.0 Restore the functionality of sponges to remove water when placed (like in Classic).
        redstone boolean false 1.x Allow redstone to be used with sponges.
        radius integer 3 1.2 Radius of the sponge effect.
    disable-lava-fire-spread boolean false 1.0 Disable lava from causing fires.
    lava-spread-blocks list [] 1.0 List of block IDs to allow lava to spread to. If the value of this is not defined, then lava spread behavior will be unaffected.
    disable-fire-spread-blocks list [] 1.0 List of block IDs that can be burned. If the value of this is not defined, then fire spread behavior will be unaffected.
    disable-all-fire-spread boolean false 1.0 Disable all fire spread.
    disable-health-regain boolean false 5.2 Disable the healing effect that is caused by turning off monsters on the server. (Note: Currently prevents food from being eaten, due to a bug.)
    pumpkin-scuba boolean false 5.x Disable drowning damage if the player wears a pumpkin helmet.
    anti-wolf-dumbness boolean false 5.0 Prevent wolves from getting hurt in the number of ways that wolves like to hurt themselves with.
    disable-enderman-griefing boolean false 5.3 Prevent endermen from stealing and placing blocks.
    block-plugin-spawning boolean true 5.5 Block mob spawns triggered by plugins.
    block-creature-spawn list [] 5.0 List of creature names (like "Pig", "Chicken", etc.) to deny the spawning of.
    block-creeper-block-damage boolean false 2.2 Disable creepers from destroying terrain, but allow them to hurt players.
    block-creeper-explosions boolean false 1.0 Disable creepers from exploding.
    block-fireball-block-damage boolean false 5.3 Disable fireballs from breaking blocks.
    block-fireball-explosions boolean false 5.3 Disable fireballs from exploding at all.
    block-wither-explosions boolean false 5.6.x Block withers from exploding
    block-wither-block-damage boolean false 5.6.x Block withers from destroying blocks
    block-wither-skull-explosions boolean false 5.6.x Block wither skulls from exploding
    block-wither-skull-block-damage boolean false 5.6.x Block wither skulls from destroying blocks
    block-enderdragon-block-damage boolean false 5.6.x Block enderdragons vaporizing blocks they fly through
    block-enderdragon-portal-creation boolean false 5.6.x Block enderdragons from creating portals when they die
    block-painting-destroy boolean false 5.6.x Block mobs from destroying paintings
    block-item-frame-destroy boolean false 5.6.x Block mobs from destroying item frames
    block-above-ground-slimes boolean false 5.6.x Disable slimes from spawning above ground (eg in swamps)
    block-other-explosions boolean false 5.6.x Block explosions from uncovered sources (such as other plugins)
    block-zombie-door-destruction boolean false 5.6.x Disable zombies breaking doors when difficulty is set to hard
    disable-ice-melting boolean false 5.2 Disable ice melting when heated.
    disable-snow-formation boolean false 5.2 Disable snow forming naturally.
    disable-mushroom-spread boolean false 5.2 Disable mushroom spreading naturally.
    disable-snow-melting boolean false 5.2 Disable snow melting naturally.
    disable-leaf-decay boolean false 5.2 Disable natural leaf decay.
    disable-ice-formation boolean false 5.2 Disable ice forming naturally.
    disable-grass-growth boolean false 5.3 Disable grass from spreading to dirt.
    disable-mycelium-spread boolean false 5.6.1 Disable mycelium from spreading to dirt.
    always-raining boolean false 5.1 Force rain and snow on all the time.
    disable-weather boolean false 5.1 Disable weather and force sun all the time.
    disable-lightning-strike-fire boolean false 5.1 Disable the fire caused by lightning strikes.
    always-thundering boolean false 5.1 Enable constant thunder.
    prevent-lightning-strike-blocks list [] 5.1 List of block types IDs to prevent lightning from striking.
    disable-thunderstorm boolean false 5.1 Disable thunderstorms.
    disable-pig-zombification boolean false 5.1 Disable pigs becoming zombie pigmen when struck by lightning.
    disable-powered-creepers boolean false 5.1 Disable creepers being powered.
    disable-creature-trampling boolean false 5.1 Prevent creatures from trampling crops.
    disable-player-trampling boolean false 5.1 Prevent players from trampling crops.
    teleport-on-void-falling boolean false 5.0 When a player falls into the void, teleport the player to somewhere safe.
    disable-drowning-damage boolean false 1.7 Disable the damage caused by drowning.
    disable-void-damage boolean false 5.0 Disable the damage caused by the void.
    disable-fire-damage boolean false 1.7 Disable the damage caused by fire.
    disable-lava-damage boolean false 1.7 Disable the damage caused by lava.
    disable-tnt-damage boolean false 5.3 Disable the damage caused by TNT.
    disable-mob-damage boolean false 5.0 Disable the damage caused by mobs.
    disable-fall-damage boolean false 1.7 Disable the damage caused by falls.
    disable-explosion-damage boolean false 5.0 Disable the damage caused by explosions.
    disable-suffocation-damage boolean false 1.8 Disable the damage caused by suffocation.
    disable-contact-damage boolean false 1.8 Disable the damage caused by contact (eg cacti).
    disable-lightning-damage boolean false 5.0 Disable the damage caused by lightning.
    teleport-on-suffocation boolean false 1.8 Teleport the player to the top of the block when a player is found inside a block. Exploitable to get to places that the player shouldn't be able to get to.
    disable-death-messages boolean false 5.3 Disable the death messages added in Minecraft 1.8.
regions: (see region protection)
    enable boolean true 2.1 Enable region protection.
    max-region-count-per-player int 7 5.0 Maximum number of regions per player (if using /region claim).
    max-claim-volume int 30000 5.0 Maximum volume of a region (if using /region claim).
        default int 7  ? Maximum number of regions a player may own (if using /region claim)
    claim-only-inside-existing-regions boolean false 5.0 Does not work correctly with certain regions. Don't depend on it.
    high-frequency-flags boolean false 5.0 Enables the use of region high frequency flags (such as water flow). Disabling this may reduce some server load.
    wand int 334 3.0 ID of the item used for checking the regions at a given block. Default is leather. Requires the worldguard.region.wand permission.
    invincibility-removes-mobs boolean false 5.3 Enable to have mobs be removed inside invincibility areas when they attack a player.
    sql: (global config only)
        use boolean false  ? Use sql database for region storage
        dsn string see desc.  ? SQL database location. Default is "jdbc:mysql://localhost/worldguard"
        username string worldguard  ? Username to connect to sql database
        password string worldguard  ? Password to connect to sql database
    use-scheduler (global config only) boolean true  ? Use the scheduler for tasks
    use-creature-spawn-event boolean true  ? Toggles use of mob-spawning and deny-spawn flags
    use-player-move-event boolean true  ? Toggles use of exit/entry and greeting/farewell flags. Disabling this may boost performance, but disables those flags.
    block-potions list [] 5.6.1 Block certain potions. List should be using the names of Bukkit's Potion Effect Types
    block-potions-overly-reliably boolean false 5.6.1 Enable this if the previous option isn't blocking potions well enough. May cause odd behavior.

Blacklist-related configuration can be found on the blacklist page.