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WorldEdit/Tree types

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The list of tree types that you can use are:

Type Description IDs
Regular The regular small Minecraft tree tree, regular
Big Big Minecraft trees big, big tree
Dark Oak Roofed forest biome trees darkoak
Sequoia Redwood trees redwood, sequoia
Tall sequoia Tall redwood trees tallredwood, tallsequoia
Mega-Tall sequoia Mega-Tall 2x2 trunk redwood trees megaredwood
Birch Birch (white bark) birch
Tall Birch Tall Birch (white bark) tallbirch
Pine Built-in pine trees pine
Random sequoia Either a tall or non-tall sequoia randredwood
Jungle A jungle tree with a 2x2 trunk jungle
Small jungle A jungle tree with a 1x1 trunk smalljungle
Jungle Bush A trunkless jungle tree junglebush
Swamp A tree with vines on it swamp
Acacia Savanna biome tree acacia
Red Giant Mushroom A giant red mushroom redmushroom
Brown Giant Mushroom A giant brown mushroom brownmushroom
Random Any tree type random, rand

There are probably other tree types, if so add them please!


Example: Generating a tall sequoia forest
/forestgen 20 tallredwood
Example: Flatlist, for copypaste:
/tree [tree, big, redwood, tallredwood, megaredwood, randredwood, birch, tallbirch, pine, jungle, smalljungle, acacia, darkoak, random]

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