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Become familiar with WorldEdit's general features such as history.



When you select a region or change your preferences in-game, your information will be put into a temporary session that will be kept active as long as you stay logged in. Upon disconnecting, your session will be discarded in 10 minutes, allowing you to log back in and retain your session. Each person's session is separate when connected to a server.

Sessions contain:

  • Your current selection
  • Your history
  • Your block change limit
  • Your selected snapshot to restore from


All operations save to your history and it's capable of remembering up to the last 15 operations. The history logs each change as the previous block and the new block whenever WorldEdit changes a block. If you ever want to rollback after some change, type //undo in chat. If you change your mind, you can type in //redo in chat to repeat the operation (from history).

If you need to clear your history, you can use the /clearhistory command.

Block support

WorldEdit must support the blocks that you modify or work with for all of the block's data to be preserved. For example, if chests are not supported, then chests may be appear to work when you copy, paste, or move them, but their inventories would be lost every time. Support of blocks varies between platform.

Warning: WorldEdit 5.4 and up for Bukkit contains experimental support for custom blocks. Usage on vanilla blocks that come with Minecraft should be generally safe, but blocks added by third-party mods may encounter certain problems. Generally it is advised that you do not copy the same block onto itself when dealing with mod blocks, as this may not properly remove the previous instance of the block before placing the new one. In addition, some blocks may not be meant to be copied and may cause problems if done so.
Note: Since v5.4.6Certain custom blocks use data values beyond the usual 16. To enable support for these, set limits.allow-extra-data-values to true in your configuration. This might cause unwanted effects if you manually set blocks to data values above 16 which aren't supposed to be. Use at your own risk.
Block type Support status (by platform)
SPC Bukkit Spout MinecraftEdu Canary
Chests No Yes  ? No  ?
Furnaces No Yes  ? No  ?
Cauldrons No Since v5.4 No No No
Enchanting tables No Since v5.4 No No No
Brewing stands No Since v5.4  ? No  ?
Mob spawners No Since v5.4  ? No  ?
Note blocks No Yes  ? No  ?
Pistons in-movement No Since v5.4 No No No
Jukeboxes No Since v5.4  ? No  ?
Signs No Yes  ? No  ?
Dispensers No Yes  ? No  ?
End portals No Since v5.4 No No No
Skulls No Since v5.4.6 No No No
3rd-party: MCEdu blocks - - - No -
3rd-party: RedPower blocks No Partial, since v5.4 - - -
3rd-party: Other mod blocks No Partial, since v5.4 - - -
Other blocks that come with MC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warning: Be careful when using WorldEdit on areas containing unsupported blocks, because you may not be able to undo without some data loss. Sometimes WorldEdit may be able to work with an unsupported block because the block isn't very sophisticated, but this is not always the case.

Item support

As of version 5.4, all platforms that support custom blocks (currently primarily Bukkit) support all items in inventories stored in blocks.

Previous versions have sketchy support for items, but it primarily only applied to items added by third-party modifications that were placed in chests (third-party custom blocks were wholly unsupported).