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Since these instructions are all very version specific, make sure to use the same MC version for all the downloads and steps.

Be sure to have downloaded WorldEdit for Forge before following the tutorial. You may also want to download WorldEdit CUI so you can see the selection lines.

Using Mojang's game launcher

  1. Make sure to run the game at least once using the Minecraft version that you are going to use. Make a new profile with the desired MC version if you want.
  2. Install Minecraft Forge:
    1. Download the recommended Forge installer for the MC version.
    2. Run the installer and let it install Forge.
  3. Install LiteLoader: (optional, but recommended)
    1. Download the LiteLoader installer.
    2. Install LiteLoader, while making sure that you change the "Extend from" field so it selects a version with Forge.
      LiteLoader Installer.png
  4. Restart the Minecraft launcher.
  5. In the bottom left of the launcher, choose the "Forge" profile.
  6. Click "Edit Profile"
  7. Click "Open Game Dir"
  8. Make a "mods" folder if one doesn't exist.
  9. Copy WorldEdit's .jar file into the mods folder, as well as WorldEdit CUI's .litemod file into the mods folder.
  10. Close any dialogs and click "Play" to launch the game with WorldEdit!

Using MultiMC

MultiMC is a free unofficial Minecraft launcher that makes mod installation easier.

  1. Download and run MultiMC.
  2. In the top left, click the new instance button in the toolbar.
  3. Enter a name and change the MC version as needed.
  4. Right click the newly created instance and click "Edit Mods"
  5. Click "Install Forge" and pick the latest version.
  6. Click "Install LiteLoader" and pick the latest version.
  7. On the left sidebar, click "Loader mods"
  8. Click "Add" and add both WorldEdit and WorldEdit CUI's files.
  9. Click Close and double click the instance to run the game. You will be asked to login to Minecraft.

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