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Become familiar with WorldEdit's general features such as history.


When you select a region or change your preferences in-game, your information will be put into a temporary session that will be kept active as long as you stay logged in. Upon disconnecting, your session will be discarded in 10 minutes, allowing you to log back in and retain your session. Each person's session is separate when connected to a server.

Sessions contain:

  • Your current selection
  • Your history
  • Your block change limit
  • Your selected snapshot to restore from


All operations save to your history and it's capable of remembering up to the last 15 operations. The history logs each change as the previous block and the new block whenever WorldEdit changes a block. If you ever want to rollback after some change, type //undo in chat. If you change your mind, you can type in //redo in chat to repeat the operation (from history).

If you need to clear your history, you can use the /clearhistory command.

Block support

WorldEdit has a variable level of block support depending on your platform, version of WorldEdit, and your particular setup.

You'll notice a few things off if WorldEdit does not support your platform:

  • Without proper support, chests, furnaces, and so on do not retain their inventory upon copy
  • Without proper support, undoing changes to chests, furnaces, and so on may cause inventory loss
Warning: This section makes a mention of WorldEdit 6 which is still in development.
Platform Status
Bukkit Support in Bukkit requires that you have the correct version of WorldEdit for your version of Bukkit. WorldEdit comes with "NMS blocks" or "adapters" (in newer versions) that has the necessary code to work with a particular version of Bukkit. Each version of WorldEdit comes with a list of these for the most recent versions of Bukkit (stored in the .jar).

If it does not appear to be working, you may need to downgrade or upgrade your version of WorldEdit.

Spigot See Bukkit.
Minecraft Forge Support is complete in WorldEdit 6 and beyond.
MinecraftEdu MinecraftEdu's port of WorldEdit is based off of the Forge version of WorldEdit so it is contingent on the version that MCEdu provides.
MCPC+ Most builds are supported.
Cauldron Not yet supported in WorldEdit 5. For WorldEdit 6 and above, full support is available if you install the Forge version of WorldEdit. We recommend installing both the Bukkit and Forge versions of WorldEdit if you are using WorldEdit 6.0 or above.
LiteLoader This is an unofficial port of WorldEdit and information on compatibility is not available.
Canary This is an unofficial port of WorldEdit and information on compatibility is not available.

Item support

As of version 5.4, all platforms that support custom blocks (currently primarily Bukkit) support all items in inventories stored in blocks.

Previous versions have sketchy support for items, but it primarily only applied to items added by third-party modifications that were placed in chests (third-party custom blocks were wholly unsupported).

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