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WorldEdit/Client addon

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The client addon adds selection information to your HUD. It works in tandem with WorldEdit versions 4.2 and greater.

A preview of the client-side interface.

Information about the addon can be found at the official thread. The addon was originally developed by lahwran with contributions from ultramoogleman and 303 and was subsequently maintained by yetanotherx; it is now maintained by Mumfrey. (lawhran's original thread can be found here and yetanotherx's is here).

Warning: This page is out of date. Please check the thread linked above for the newest information.

Current Features

  • Selection display on HUD.


  • Currently bound tool overlays.
  • Paste placement tool.
  • Buttons? A full blown GUI? Let's see!

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the handshake fails when joining the server. Type /worldedit cui to resend it. This is mainly caused by plugins on the server preventing worldedit from sending the initialization message.


  • Use the //sel command to clear your current selection


  1. Download the mod file and place it somewhere.
  2. Download the LiteLoader Installer for your version of minecraft - and place it somewhere
  3. Run the LiteLoader installer
  4. Copy the WorldEditCUI litemod file into your .minecraft/mods folder


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