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  • Added support for all the new items and blocks
  • Added multiworld permissions support to WEPIF
  • Added superperms and native PEX support to WEPIF
  • Added /range command for brushes
  • Added multiworld snapshot support (check the new structure on the wiki!)
  • Added //naturalize command (makes stone/dirt/grass layers)
  • Added a //farwand tool, allows selecting pos1 and pos2 at a distance
  • Added a //lrbuild tool, allows "placing" and "destroying" blocks at a distance
  • Added /pyramid and /hpyramid generators
  • Added underlay and overlay masks
  • Added a /green command (adds a layer of grass on top of landscape)
  • Added polygon support to the WorldEdit CUI
  • Moved config permissions system and other WEPIF configuration to the wepif.yml file
  • Improved command logging to additionally log the position and region of the player
  • Added -n flag to //smooth (smooth only natural terrain)
  • Improved item/block name matching
  • //pos1 and //pos2 now accept an x,y,z arguement to select arbitrary coordinates
  • Non-integer (decimal) radii now work in cylinders, spheres, fill, drain, etc
  • Added -s flag to //chunk (select all chunks in current selection)
  • Block patterns now can be used in //replacenear, //walls, and //outline
  • Block damage values can be used in //replace and //replacenear
  • Added -p flag to flip, flipping the clipboard offset around the player
  • Allowed performing //undo from other player's sessions
  • Added ellipsoid support to //sphere and //hsphere (use //sphere x,y,z)
  • Entity /remove command can now remove "xp", for xp orbs
  • Using //set mobspawner is no longer case sensitive for mob type
  • The /deltree tool now deletes floating mushrooms as well
  • Added value flag support to the command system (for developers!)
  • Fixed superpickaxe dropping the wrong items sometimes
  • Fixed errors when manipulating note blocks
  • Fixed cylinders generating too short
  • Fixed inaccurate polygon edges
  • Fixed flipping of signs and doors
  • Fixed manipulating blocks in unloaded chunks

Thanks to everyone for their contributions: zml2008, wizjany, TomyLobo, Nichts, mrapple, jjkoletar, robinjam, jascotty2, Hretsam, Elizacat, masteroftime, x1337x, TLUL, Droolio, ZerothAngel, md-5, and t3hk0d3


  • Updated for Minecraft 1.6.
  • Added flood fill tool. Use /floodfill <block> <radius> and right click blocks to flood fill them.
  • Added //gmask to set a *GLOBAL* mask that affects nearly ALL operations. Now you can confine //sphere to a region or create //walls that do not replace existing blocks.
  • Added a region-based mask that confines changes to the current region (when the mask is set).
  • Added support for combining masks, i.e. /mask #region rock,brick
  • Added //fast mode, which allows the server to skip the dirtying of chunks. This means that you have to rejoin to see changes though, but most operations are doubled in speed. This only applies to the Bukkit version at the moment.
  • Changed the block type check to be implementation-dependent. The Bukkit plugin now checks Bukkit's Material.
  • Added -p flag to //butcher to kill pet wolves. Thanks to wizjany.
  • Added -s flag to //move and //stack to move the selection along with the blocks. Thanks to wizjany.
  • Made CUI selection clear on disable (including Bukkit's /reload). Thanks to wizjany.
  • Added "deltree" tool for removing floating trees. Thanks to moo0.
  • Added rotation support to redstone repeaters.
  • Fixed //expand vert not updating client.
  • Fixed the issue with log files not being closed on unload in Bukkit. Thanks to stoneLeaf.
  • Fixed history size being 0 with old config files.


  • Fixed the IllegalAccessException with /remove (hopefully).
  • Removed wolves from /butcher. There's no way to check if a wolf is owned or not in Bukkit yet.
  • Added permission checks for tools on use, so now if you switch world or lose your permissions, you lose your tools.
  • Added expiration timer to sessions. Sessions will now last up to 10 minutes (by default) before removed, so you can quickly disconnect (or crash) and come back and still maintain your history.
  • Removed minimum cap on history size (now you have history sizes under 15).


  • Maven-built release.
  • Sun Rhino removed.


  • Updated for Minecraft 1.5.
  • Updated for latest Bukkit.
  • Add cycling for wall signs and steps.
  • Fixed rotating wall signs.
  • Fixed exception thrown by commands with multiple spaces between arguments.


  • Updated for Minecraft 1.4.
  • Added support for newer versions of Permissions.
  • Took polygon-in-point algorithm from WorldGuard, which is a minor improvement. Please submit a better algorithm that properly handles edges!
  • Fixed WorldEdit unpacking the wrong config.yml.
  • Added improved selection getting/setting API.
  • Diagonal stacking added (not up or down yet) (thanks Valentin Stahlmann!)
  • Palette option added to draw.js (thanks J0s3f!)
  • CraftScripts: Made EditSession.rawSetBlock() public.


Bukkit users: Minimum build #: 541

  • Changed the compass so that left click is /jumpto and right click is /thru.
  • Add a basic API method to get a player's selection region.
  • Added shortcut fire extinguisher brush.
  • Added //regen to regenerate an area.
  • Added McRegion support to /chunkinfo.
  • Added /snap before [date] and /snap after [date]. Example: /snap before last Monday 2am
  • Added /worldedit tz to set your timezone. It currently does not persist yet. Example: /we tz america/los_angeles
  • Fixed block mine drops for 1.3.
  • Possibly fixed item dropping with undo/redo.
  • Fixed the permissions resolver not being loaded if it was loaded after a plugin was enabled or re-enabled.
  • Removed GroupUsers support.
  • Added some support for the WorldEdit client-side UI (CUI) protocol.


  • Added McRegion support.
  • Optimized the case when worlds were not in the root directory of a zip.
  • Fixed snapshot restoration not working on sign blocks and other special tile entity blocks.
  • Added beds as a place-last block.
  • Fixed beds and redstone repeaters not being set.
  • Added an alias for wool colors as though they were blocks, so you can now do //set blue, etc.
  • Removed "blue" as an alias for lapis lazuli.


  • Added things for CraftBook.


  • Added 1.3 block support.


  • Fixed //count being ///count.
  • Added a workaround to the fact that Minecraft no longer sends a block dig packet for bedrock. WorldEdit now detects if you're hitting bedrock, but it may not be entirely accurate (torches will trick it!).
  • Removed /t on request of Kainzo.
  • Fixed second position setting commands saying position one instead of two when selecting cuboids.


  • Fixed permissions with brush commands.


  • /b changed to /br.


  • Fixed BLOCK_DAMAGED bug.
  • Fixed command conflicts.


  • Fixed issue with too many commands being put into plugin.yml, causing conflicts with other plugins.
  • //size works properly again.
  • /search is now an alias for /searchitem.


  • Added /remove command to remove entities (paintings, items, minecarts, boats, arrows, and primed TNT).
  • /butcher now works for slimes and ghasts and will no longer drop items.
  • The tool system has been overhauled so that when you use a tool, it gets bound to your currently held item. For example, you could bind the tree tool to a wooden sword and the brush tool to a diamond axe.
  • Brush commands have been broken up. Use /brush, /mat, and /size to adjust a brush's settings. A different brush can be bound to different items.
  • //wand now gives the wand item directly.
  • New mask support allows you to filter the blocks that would be changed. This currently only works for brushes.
  • Added some API methods.
  • Added multiple undo/redo.
  • Added -c flag to //distr to print to console.
  • Added //outset and //inset commands to quickly adjust the size of the current selection.
  • Snapshot commands now are nested under /snap and /snapshot commands.
  • Changed super pickaxe mode command to /sp.
  • Added history size configuration option.
  • //size is currently /m due to a bug.
  • Added smooth brush.
  • Added /we version and /we reload.
  • Added 'no-op-permissions' setting for Bukkit.
  • Added polygonal regions. These are still in development as they are a bit inaccurate at the moment.
  • Updated WorldEdit for Bukkit.
  • Improved parsing of block pattern/data syntax.
  • Improved block and item name list.
  • Improved debugging messages (if that's enabled).

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