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When upgrading, check the upgrade notes page to be aware of any issues when updating.



  • Added support for multiple versions of Minecraft. A folder will be created in plugins/WorldEdit/nmsblocks which contains different class files which will be dynamically checked for compatibility with the current minecraft version.
  • Added -d flags to //count and //distr, which allow separating blocks by data values.
  • Added a butcher brush (//brush butcher) which works like the command in a brush. The flags for the command can be passed an an argument for the brush.
  • Fixed an issue with use-inventory where container blocks will spill when being removed.
  • Added a setting to allow creative mode players to override use-inventory.


  • Added failsafe for when Craftbukkit packaging switches versions. Note that using mismatched WorldEdit and CraftBukkit version will cause data to be lost when copy/pasting or loading certain blocks with advanced data.
  • Updated cardinal directions to match newer Notchian values. Using command that take a direction will now use these directions.
  • Removed old permissions for jumpto and thru. You must now use jumpto.command or jumpto.tool respectively (or thru.).
  • Added -c flag to //size and //distr. Operates on the clipboard instead of current selection.
  • Added support for rotating wooden logs.
  • Add butcher-radius.maximum and butcher-radius.default to limits section of config.
  • Added -b flag to //butcher to specify ambient mobs (currently only bats)
  • Added -d and -n flags for //schematic list command. Sorts by date by newest/oldest.
  • Added a configuration option to allow symbolic links (for backups, schematics, etc)
  • Improved accuracy of command logging, as well as logging to file correctly. The worldedit.log file (by default) should now be useful.
  • Fixed //snow snowing on some blocks it shouldn't (like stairs)
  • For developers: Added a LocalPlayer argument to the constructors for EditSession in the factory. Also added @NestedCommand(executeBody=true/false) so that base commands can be executed if no subcommands are passed.


  • Fixed minor check issue with //center.


  • Added official support for Minecraft 1.4.
  • Added support for 4096 ID blocks (theoretically) in snapshots.
  • Fixed issue with block IDs being returned negative in snapshots.
  • Fixed //limit being overridden each time a LocalSession is fetched.
  • Added EditSessionFactory class for developers.


  • Added block data support to BlockMask.
  • Added //center command to set blocks at the center point of a selection.
  • Correctly update session permissions on each operation.
  • Fix errors when trying to set invalid blocks.
  • Fix chests & similar not having their extended (tile entity) data being correctly copied back when the block currently in the location has the same type and data.
  • Added emerald as an alias for the emerald block.
  • Added string as an alias for the tripwire block (wire, not hook).


  • Fixed //gen not having a proper minimum parameter count of 2.
  • Added //re and //rep as aliases for //replace, and aliases /asc(end), /desc(end), and /j(umpto).
  • Fixed schematics not properly loading chests with the new code, meaning that enchantments and other properties were not always properly loaded.
  • Fixed -1 not being a valid data value in Block, which broke //replace.
  • Fixed snapshots to support custom blocks/tile entity data.
  • Updated bundled README.html to be current.


  • Fixed lingering 256 block ID restriction preventing block IDs up to 4095.
  • Fixed certain tile entity blocks not being set correctly.
  • Fixed schematic loading code not properly handling the AddBlocks section.


  • Added support for Minecraft 1.3.
  • Added improved, but experimental, support for custom blocks added by mods, and added by future Minecraft versions.
  • Added help to //schematic.
  • Added WECUI handshake option.
  • Added improved //schem list output.
  • Added configuration options for polygonal region limits.
  • Added -r to //schematic to ignore format checks.
  • Added //generate -c, which offsets the input coordinates from the selection center.
  • Added support for 4096 ID blocks.
  • Added support for data values > 127 in schematic files.
  • Added [g]closest(x,y,z,index,count,stride) to the expression parser.
  • Added an all parameter, and a message indicating its radius, to /butcher.
  • Added new "WorldEdit Foundation" classes to eventually replace the current block/world. classes (for developers!).
  • Fixed a number of bugs in schematic handling that created errors.
  • Fixed issues with biome processing.
  • Fixed insufficient biome type checking.
  • Fixed the error for missing schematics, making it easier to understand.
  • Fixed snapshots not properly loading .mcr files.
  • Fixed //chunk switching from //sel extend to //sel cuboid.
  • Removed chat-based WECUI protocol (now replaced with packet 250).

Thank you for the contributions from Ammar Askar (ammaraskar), aumgn, Jim Nordbø (Silentspy), snaxson, Socolin, and Zhuowei Zhang (zhuowei).


  • Made #region mask keep the region selected when the pask was added, and added #dregion mask that always uses the player's current selection
  • Allow inverted and under/overlay masks to affect masks, making them more flexible. This allows for things like /gmask !$biome and /gmask >>>#region
  • Added basic entity handling with copy and paste. Paintings do not currently respawn properly, entity pastes cannot be undone yet, and schematics do not yet store entities
  • Added getChunkCubes() to Region to get 16^3 chunks a region overlaps with
  • Cleaned up ContainerBlock inventory reading from NBT.
  • Added a command to list schematics and the abilitiy to autodetect schematic format when loading schematics
  • Added support for multiple schematic formats
  • Corrected flag checks for biome commands
  • Added allFlags setting to Command to prevent it from restricting allowed flags (for dveleopers!)
  • Make sure all WorldEdit files are in the plugins/WorldEdit folder
  • Added initial support for plugin channels with WECUI
  • Remove error-prone redundancy in Polygonal2D min/max management
  • Updated for SpoutVanilla changes
  • Added Falling sand/gravel entities to /remove command
  • Added support for new tree types to TreeGenerator and make adding more tree types later easier
  • Updated for changes to SpoutAPI
  • Fixed FloatingTreeRemover (/tool deltree) to work correctly with jungle trees
  • Fix bPermissions instanlled check
  • Add a -f (friendly) flag to butcher which applies -a, -n, -p, and -g, and a -g flag which allows butchering of iron and snow golems
  • Add FlatRegion interface and an associated iterator (for developers!)
  • Fix a NPE with brush using a global mask and no brush mask
  • Fixed //shift not updating polygonal regions properly.
  • Add support for expand with reverse dir for Cylinder & Ellipsoid
  • Make inset/outset use varargs contract/expand, so they can be used with cylinders and ellipses.
  • Add positive() to Vector and Vector2D
  • In WorldGuard, teleport/spawn location yaw/pitch should now work.
  • Register command permissions, integrate with the Bukkit help API
  • Allow annotation-free registering of commands with other plugins (for developers!)
  • Added default radius setting for butcher and added permissions for killing pets, npcs, and non hostile animals.
  • Added support for new Anvil saving format, fixed old chunk saving format.
  • Clean up some stray 128 values and update the fallbacks to 256
  • Add support for 1.2.4 and newer
  • Updated for new 1.2 and 1.2.4 blocks, items, and mobs
  • Fix Dispensers, Furnaces and remove redundant casts.
  • Fix restoring enchantments from snapshots/schematics.
  • Made tree planter tool try 10 times to make the tree before giving up.

Thanks to Nidan, aumgn, Jadedwolf, wizjany, SpectralEdge, md_5, and desht for their contributions.


  • Made BlockBag use WorldVectors for add(Single)SourcePosition
  • Fixed north face not being set with non-singleblockpatterns.
  • Moved the block data check to LocalWorld, adding preliminary support for custom blocks.
  • Lookup by id if the string passed to Block/ItemType.lookup() is an integer
  • Fixed issues with //replace.
  • Factored lookup code from BlockType and ItemType into a method in StringUtil.
  • BaseBlock changes
  • Properly escape cuipattern
  • Fix handling of empty strings passed to Block/ItemType
  • Improved formatting and performance of YAMLProcessor when no comments are present.
  • Added bPermissions support
  • Update for new events system
  • Fixed /scriptname.js and no-double-slash settings not working
  • Corrected usage message for maze.js
  • Fixed mimimum height check for cylinder generation
  • Get the items to be dropped for a block break from Bukkit


  • Fixed some compatibility issues with SpoutPlugin
  • Readded Permissions 2/3 support
  • Fixed an issue with CylinderRegion


  • Added a //help command (alias /we help).
  • Fixed a NullPointerException in conjunction with CraftBook.
  • Added support for console commands to WorldEditPlugin.
  • Made /butcher, /searchitem (and /search) and /worldedit (and /we) work on the console.
  • Fixed //stack -s (again).
  • Added a thickness parameter to //hollow.
  • Added a block/pattern parameter to //hollow.
  • Added a -l flag to /butcher, which spawns fake lightning on all killed entities.
  • Added support for dynamic command registration.
  • //sel poly now keeps the previous selection, converting its outline into a polygon if necessary.
  • Fixed //sel selection clearing not being dispatched to CUI.
  • Improve zip file recognition.
  • Added WECUI protocol version support. Eventually, this will disable WECUI until the user updates, but not yet.
  • Added //desel and //deselect as aliases for //sel
  • Added a gravity brush.
  • Added support for ellipsoid and sphere selections.
  • Add cuiVersion to LocalSession and set it via incoming CUI event Refactor region selectors to handle legacy versions a bit better. Because chat doesn't allow the section sign to be sent, I have to send non-color codes. Meh. closes #158
  • Some region selection fixes
  • Removed redundant line from
  • Add a cylindrical region selector.
  • Added initial SpoutAPI compatibility
  • Allow copying item stacks with damage of > Byte.MAX_VALUE. Closes #972
  • Improved output of YAMLProcessor and added support for root-level comments. (for developers!)
  • Removed support for Permissions2/3
  • Performance improvements
  • 1.1 compatibility

Thanks to everyone for their contributions: rjwboys, yetanotherx, and GiCodeWarrior


  • Added a //g[en[erate]] command that can generate a shape given a formula
  • Added a //deform command that deforms the current selection given a formula
  • Added a //hollow command, which hollows out the object contained in the selection.
  • Added /snapshot sel, which preselects a snapshot for future operations
  • Added //sel extend, which activates cuboid selector where you can extend selections by right-clicking.
  • Added -a and -n flags to //butcher to kill animals and NPCs, respectively
  • Added support for stretched cylinders to //cyl and //hcyl (use //cyl x,z)
  • Added sound and particle effects for the super pickaxe
  • Added l[eft], r[ight], b[ack] and f[orward] to the commands that take a direction.
  • Added an expression parser (for developers!)
  • Added a YAML library (for developers!)
  • Added extended help to commands manager (for developers!)
  • Support for the new blocks/items/mobs that were added with Minecraft 1.0
  • Support for non-128 world heights
  • Block queues are now flushed based on attachment to other blocks. This should fix doors popping out.
  • Made blockbag (take blocks from inventory) system more consistent.
  • Made some commands' syntax error messages more elaborate and useful
  • Made /green break on liquids.
  • Improved interaction with permission plugins
  • Improved negated node support for Bukkit's permissions system
  • Changed the WEPIF interface (for developers!)
  • Fixed data value handling for fire, chest, reed and jukebox
  • Fixed config file generation on windows
  • Fixed some navigation wand (compass) quirks
  • Fixed the tree remover tool for large forests
  • Fixed //stack -s to actually shift the selection to the end of the stack
  • Bug fixes

Thanks to everyone for their contributions: KenanY, Megalin, wizjany and ZachBora

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