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WorldEdit/Bukkit adapters

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In order to properly support the wide range of blocks, entities, and biomes, WorldEdit must work around some limitations with Bukkit. As a result, we must use code that must updated with every major change to Bukkit or Minecraft. To make it easier, we ship support for several previous Minecraft versions with each WorldEdit release.

When something goes wrong

WorldEdit will still function if there is a mismatch, but functionality will be limited.

  • Chests will be empty, signs will be blank, and so on if there is a mismatch.
  • Entity support will be extremely limited if there is a mismatch.
  • Biome support will be extremely limited if there is a mismatch.
Warning: WorldEdit uses some of this code to implement undo, so if you delete a chest and try to undo, the chest will be empty if there is a mismatch.


  • If you're using a recently released version of Minecraft, please wait for us to update. You can post an issue on our bug tracker if no one else has yet.
  • If you are using an older version of Minecraft, you may have to downgrade WorldEdit. At the moment, if you are using a version of Minecraft older than 1.6.4, you will have to use WorldEdit 5.
  • If you are using Cauldron, please install both the Forge mod for WorldEdit as well as the Bukkit plugin. Make sure that you are using the same version of WorldEdit for both the mod and the plugin.
    • As of 18 July, 2014, there is no Forge WorldEdit for MC 1.7 yet, so you will have to wait. In addition, the 1.6.4 version of WorldEdit for Forge is still in development, so you will have to use a development version.

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