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How to give enchanted items?

I've been trying to use /give and /item(/i) to give tools with multiple enchantments, but I am having no success. How would I give, for example, a diamond axe with Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, and Fortune III? Please help me :D How to give a tool with ONE enchantment at least?

do \item diamondaxe|digspeed:5,durability:3,loot_bonus_blocks:3

I've been struggling with this too and looked at the CommandBook to figure it out.

  • \item diamondhelmet|PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL:1
  • \item diamondhelmet|PROTECTION_FIRE:1
  • \item diamondhelmet|PROTECTION_FALL:1
  • \item diamondhelmet|PROTECTION_EXPLOSIONS:1
  • \item diamondhelmet|PROTECTION_PROJECTILE:1
  • \item diamondhelmet|OXYGEN:1
  • \item diamondhelmet|WATER_WORKER:1
  • \item diamondsword|DAMAGE_ALL:1
  • \item diamondsword|DAMAGE_UNDEAD:1
  • \item diamondsword|DAMAGE_ARTHROPODS:1
  • \item diamondsword|KNOCKBACK:1
  • \item diamondsword|FIRE_ASPECT:1
  • \item diamondsword|LOOT_BONUS_MOBS:1
  • \item shovel|DIG_SPEED:1
  • \item shovel|SILK_TOUCH:1
  • \item shovel|DURABILITY:1
  • \item shovel|LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS:1
  • \item bow|ARROW_DAMAGE:1
  • \item bow|ARROW_KNOCKBACK:1
  • \item bow|ARROW_FIRE:1
  • \item bow|ARROW_INFINITE:1
  • \item bow|ARROW_DAMAGE:1,ARROW_FIRE:1

based on

Servel333 18:08, 29 February 2012 (PST)

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