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At the moment, a significant part of our time is being taking up handling support requests and questions.

  • We need help with people answering questions and helping out.
  • The less support we have to give, the more features that can be written!
  • We ask of you to stay in our IRC channel as much as possible so you can help answer people's questions.

Server information

We use IRC, and the IRC information for that is below:

IRC server: (list of all servers)
Channel: #sk89q, #sk-dev (development only)

How do you join it? People usually access our channel through our webchat page, and you can too, but we recommend getting an IRC client (see below).

Tip: Many people like to leave their IRC client going all day. You can too if you want.

IRC clients

Pick a client:

  • Windows users can use HexChat or Quassel
  • Mac OS X users can use Colloquy or Quassel
  • Linux users can install hexchat, irssi (command line), or a host of other IRC clients

These are just a few common ones; there are many IRC clients available for every platform.

Now what?

Once you've downloaded a client and started it up, you need to input the following information:

  • Input (or add) the server "EsperNet" with the server address
    • Use port 6666 or if you want to enable SSL, use 6697
  • Auto-join the channel named #sk89q
  • Pick a nickname that you don't think is already chosen.
Tip: You can register your nickname on EsperNet. Type /ns help in an open window and a list of commands will show up (check the server window if you can't find it). The register command is /ns register password email_address

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