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Editing code

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Code can be edited with any regular text editor (like Notepad), but we recommend a dedicated code editor. Don't worry, it's simple! A dedicated code editor:

  • Will colorize code to make it easier on your eyes and brain
  • Know what to do when you press your TAB key
  • May have cool advanced features

Picking an editor

  • If you are using Microsoft Windows, Notepad++ is recommended. It's free and lightweight.
  • If you are using Mac OS X, you can use any one of these.
  • If you are using Linux or BSD, you probably know which editors you like.

Tab settings

If you are editing .yaml or .yml files, be aware that the files do not like "tab characters," which are like super wide spaces. When you press your TAB key, it may either put spaces to emulate a tab, or a tab character, depending on your editor's settings.

  • To use spaces for tabs in Notepad++, go to Settings → Preferences → Language Menu/Tab Settings and check "Replace by space."
Warning: .yml files really do not allow real tabs. You must make sure that your editor is set to put spaces where you press your TAB key or everything will break! If you want to make sure that your YAML edits are correct, use this online syntax checker first!

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