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CraftBook/Sign Copier

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Sign Copier mechanic can be used to copy the text from one sign to another sign, and edit the text on the signs if needed.


To use the sign copier, right click the sign you want to copy with an ink sac, then punch the sign you want to paste the text onto. You can paste to as many signs as you would like.

Editing Sign Text

The Sign Copier mechanic can also edit the text on a sign.

To edit a sign, firstly you must copy it, so that it is saved to your player. Then once you've copied it, you can perform an editing command on it. Once you have finished editing, if you paste the text onto a sign the new edited text will be pasted.

The /signcopy (With aliases of /sign, /signpaste, /signedit) command provides a base for sign editing functions.

Currently the only sign editing function is the /signcopy edit command, that allows for editing of each individual line. This command is used as /signcopy edit <line> <text>

If you wish to use text that contains a space, you can surround the text with "s. For example, /signcopy edit 1 "Text With Spaces"


Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.signcopy.use Allows use of the Sign Copier tool.
craftbook.mech.signcopy.edit Allows the user to use the text editing feature.


Configuration Node and Path Default Value Effect
mechanics.sign-copy.enable true Enables the Sign Copy mechanic.
mechanics.sign-copy.item INK_SACK:0 The item the Sign Copy mechanic uses.

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