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CraftBook/Redstone netherrack

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Redstone netherrack allows toggling the fire above netherrack.


Redstone netherstone.png

When wiring, follow the rules below:

  • When using Redstone wires on the same level as the netherrack, they must be directed at the netherrack. They cannot merely pass by the netherrack.
  • Other Redstone devices (pressure plates, levers) can simply be next to the netherrack.
  • Redstone wire and devices can run underneath the netherrack.
  • If there are multiple inputs to a netherrack, only one input has to be active for the netherrack to turn on.



Configuration Node and Path Default Value Effect
circuits.wiring.netherrack-enabled false Enables the redstone netherrack mechanic, which lights netherrack when it is powered.

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