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CraftBook/Redstone jukebox

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Redstone jukebox allows turning on a jukebox with redstone, but does not allow turning it back off due to limitations in bukkit.


Connect redstone to the jukebox. When the redstone signal goes high, it will start the jukebox.

When wiring, follow the rules below:

  • When using Redstone wires on the same level as the block, they must be directed at the block. They cannot merely pass by the block.
  • Other Redstone devices (pressure plates, levers) can simply be next to the block/glowstone.
  • Redstone wire and devices can run underneath the block.
  • If there are multiple inputs to the block, only one input has to be active for the block to be turned on.


  • Turning a jukebox on via signal for a home.


Configuration Node and Path Default Value Effect
circuits.jukebox.enable false Enables the redstone jukebox mechanic.

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