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CraftBook/Permission Nodes

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Global Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.reload Allows the use of the plugin's reload command. (/cb reload)
craftbook.update Allows the use of the plugin's update command. (/cb update)

Mechanic Permissions

Ammeter Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.ammeter.use Allows use of the Ammeter tool.

BetterLeads Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.leads Allows the usage of BetterLeads.
craftbook.mech.leads.mobs.mob_type Allows the player to leash a certain type of mob. Use craftbook.mech.leads.mobs.* to allow for all.
craftbook.mech.leads.ignore-target Stops mobs on the leads targeting the player. (Stop Target)
craftbook.mech.leads.mob-repel Allows the player to use Mob Repel.
craftbook.mech.leads.owner-break-only.bypass Allows a player to bypass Owner Hitching.

BetterPistons Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.pistons.bounce Allows creation of the 'Bounce' BetterPiston.
craftbook.mech.pistons.crush Allows creation of the 'Crush' BetterPiston.
craftbook.mech.pistons.supersticky Allows creation of the 'SuperSticky' BetterPiston.
craftbook.mech.pistons.superpush Allows creation of the 'SuperPush' BetterPiston.

Bridge Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.bridge Allows the creation of bridges.
craftbook.mech.bridge.use Allows the usage of bridges.
craftbook.mech.bridge.restock Allows the user to restock bridges.
craftbook.mech.bridge.infinite Allows the creation of bridges with infinite materials.

Cauldron Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.cauldron.use Allow the use of cauldrons.
craftbook.mech.cauldron.recipe.recipe name Allows the player to use a individual recipe.

Chair Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.chair.use Allows use of the Chairs mechanic.

Chunk Anchor Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.chunk Allows creation of Chunk Anchors.

Command Item Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.commanditems Allows use of CommandItems.
craftbook.mech.commanditems.bypasscooldown Allows the player to bypass the CommandItems cooldown.
craftbook.mech.commanditems.give.command item name Allows the player to use /commanditems give command item name

Command Sign Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.command Allows creation of Command Signs.
craftbook.mech.command.use Allows usage of Command Signs.

Cooking Pot Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.cook Allows for creation of Cooking Pots.
craftbook.mech.cook.refuel Allows for refueling of Cooking Pots.

Custom Drops Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.drops Allows use of CustomDrops, if required in the configuration.

Door Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.door Allows the creation of doors.
craftbook.mech.door.use Allows the usage of doors.
craftbook.mech.door.restock Allows the user to restock doors.
craftbook.mech.door.infinite Allows the creation of doors with infinite materials.

Elevator Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.elevator Allows creation of elevators.
craftbook.mech.elevator.use Allows usage of elevators.

Footprint Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.footprints.use Allows the player to use footprints.
craftbook.mech.footprints.see Allows the player to see footprints.

Gate Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.gate Allows the creation of gates.
craftbook.mech.dgate Allows the creation of D-Gates. (Small Gates)
craftbook.mech.gate.use Allows the usage of gates.
craftbook.mech.gate.restock Allows the user to restock gates.
craftbook.mech.gate.infinite Allows the creation of gates with infinite materials.

Head Drop Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.headdrops.kill Allows the player to receive head drops as loot.
craftbook.mech.headdrops.break Allows the player to receive the correct head when they break it.

Hidden Switches Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.hiddenswitch Allows creation of hidden switches.
craftbook.mech.hiddenswitch.use Allows usage of hidden switches.

Legacy Cauldron Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.cauldron Allow the use of cauldrons.

Light Switch Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.light-switch Allows for creation of light switches.
craftbook.mech.light-switch.use Allows the light switch mechanic to be used.

LightStone Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.lightstone.use Allows use of the Lightstone tool.

Map Changer Permissions

Permission Node Effect Allows creation of Map Changers. Allows usage of Map Changers.

Painting Switcher Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.paintingswitch.use Allows use of the Painting Switcher.

Payment Permissions

Permission Node Effect Allow the creation of payment triggered redstone signals. Allows use of payment triggered redstone signals.

Readable Bookshelf Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.bookshelf.use Allows use of Readable Bookshelves.

Sign Copier Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.signcopy.use Allows use of the Sign Copier tool.
craftbook.mech.signcopy.edit Allows the user to use the text editing feature.

Snow Permissions

Teleporters Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.teleporter Allows creation of Teleporters.
craftbook.mech.teleporter.use Allows usage of Teleporters.

Toggle Area Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.area.sign.area Allows creation of [Area] signs.
craftbook.mech.area.sign.savearea Allows creation of [SaveArea] signs.
craftbook.mech.area.use Allows usage of Areas. Allows the user to save areas to specified namespace. Allows the user to save areas to their own namespace.
craftbook.mech.area.list.namespace Allows the user to list all areas in the specified namespace.
craftbook.mech.area.list.all Allows the user to list all areas.
craftbook.mech.area.list.self Allows the user to list their own areas.
craftbook.mech.area.command.toggle Allows the user to toggle areas via command.
craftbook.mech.area.delete.namespace Allows the user to delete areas from the specified namespace.
craftbook.mech.area.delete.self Allows the user to delete areas from their own namespace.
craftbook.mech.area.delete.namespace.all Allows the user to delete all areas from the specified namespace.

Tree Lopper Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.treelopper.use Allows use of the TreeLopper.
craftbook.mech.treelopper.sapling Allows the TreeLopper to plant saplings (if enabled).

XP Storer Permissions

Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.xpstore.use Allows use of the XP-Storer.

More will be added shortly, please refer to individual pages in the meantime!

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