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CraftBook/Minecart dispensers

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Minecart dispensers collect minecarts when minecarts approach them and dispense them when activated by redstone. Although the image shows an emerald block, the default block is emerald ore.

Minecart Dispenser 1.3.1

You can specify if it only collects or dispenses by making the bottom line of the sign "collect" or "dispense". And you can set the 1st line to the minecart type, so it knows what type to dispense. "Storage", "Powered", "Minecart"


When a minecart is about to hit a chest connected to tracks, the minecart will be destroyed and deposited in the chest. If there is no room left in the chest, the minecart will not be removed. Minecarts will be stacked in the chest like any other item up to stacks of 64 items. If a rider is still in the cart when it is collected, they will fall through the block below the track (but not any subsequent blocks).


A directed redstone current can cause the dispenser to dispense a minecart. For this to work, a sign post must be placed two blocks below the chest facing away from the track that you want the minecart to be dispensed upon. It can only be dispensed on tracks. The second line of the sign post must be [Dispenser].


Parameter Value Default Description
minecart-dispensers true/false true Allow the use of minecart dispensers.
dispenser-block: Block ID 129 Set ID of Dispenser Block.

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