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CraftBook/Minecart Collectors and depositors

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The collect and deposit block can transfer items between chests and passing storage minecarts. You can, for example, make an automated mining storage workflow where storage minecarts bring materials from underground to the surface. Items can be transferred both ways as well. To make a collector/deposit block, place an iron ore block (default block type) under tracks and up to two chests adjacent to the iron ore block. Proceed to write the command on the 2nd line of the sign to activate the deposit/collect block. You can write ID's on the third line to specify it to only take/place certain block. The ID's are seperated with commas. Eg, 5:1,1 would only take wood with a data value of 1, and stone.

Type Sign Text Transfer Direction
Depositor "[Deposit]" Chests to storage minecart
Collector "[Collect]" Storage minecart to chest
A simple transfer system using a collector, depositor and two reverse blocks.
CraftBook deposit.png
In versions prior to 2.0preview10: Double chests do not work. (Fixed in 2.0preview10.)

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