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Restricted IC: This IC requires either the craftbook.ic.restricted.* or craftbook.ic.restricted.mc1278 permission to use.
SISO (1 input, 1 output)
Sentry Gun

The MC1278 looks for nearby entities and shoot arrows at them. Entity type can be specified using the sign as well as arrow power. This can also act as player controlled turret, using the MAN parameter.

Sign parameters

Third line: EntityType[:ArrowVelocity[:MAN]]

Fourth line: Range=X:Y:Z Offset



  1. rising edge


  1. Unknown

Entity types

Craftbook currently implements these entity types for Sentry Tower:

Shorthand Entities Explanation
P The player Any player acts as this entity type
H Hostile mobs Zombies, creepers and other dangerous mobs belong here.
A Non hostile mobs Friendly mobs. Zombie pigman is never considered friendly
M All mobs Does not affect slime and magma cube.
L Living entities Anything that breaths

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