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SISO (1 input, 1 output)
Advanced Entity Spawner

The MC1227 is an IC that uses 3 signs to allocate entities that it spawns with advanced data ranging from armour and held items, to potions, data values from MC1200, and velocities.

Sign parameters

Centre Sign (The Main IC Sign)

  • Third line: X:Y:Z (The X, Y and Z offset of the spawned mob, seperated by a :)
  • Fourth line: Type*Amount (The mob type and the amount it should spawn, seperated by a *)

Left Sign (Effect Sign)

This sign can be used to set an entities special data values.

The following things can be set:

  • With prefix e:, you can set any entity data from MC1200.
  • With prefix r:, you can set an entity to be spawned riding the spawned in entity.
  • With prefix p:, you can set potion effects to be present on the entity. It is used as follows, p:potionID;potionDuration;potionStrength
  • With prefix v:, you can set the velocity the entity is spawned at. Using the following format. v:x,y,z
  • With prefix s:, you can set the held item of the entity. Using the following format. s:id:data;enchantmentID:enchantmentStrength (not limited to one enchantment, it can be continued using more ;enchantmentID:enchantmentStrength bits)

Rigth Sign (Armour Sign)

This sign dictates what is worn by the spawned entity.

Each line indicates a different piece of armour, 1 being helmet, 2 being body, 3 being legs and 4 being boots. they are all used by putting the itemID:data, and using the enchantment format listed above in the "Left Sign" section.

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