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Restricted IC: This IC requires either the craftbook.ic.restricted.* or craftbook.ic.restricted.mc1222 permission to use.

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SISO (1 input, 1 output)
liquid flood

Liquid flood

Fill a pond or volcano with the flip of a switch. Flood the entrance to your secret underground crib.

This IC toggles a cuboid of either water or lava source blocks from 2 to 16 blocks in size. The range includes the IC block itself at the center (making 1 an invalid size)

Any block within the range which is not already occupied by something other than air will flood. Make certain any redstone control circuitry has no adjacent empty blocks or the redstone might be washed away.

Use in conjunction with MC0111 Wireless Receiver ST and MC1110 Wireless Transmitter for reversible compact remote controlled area flooding that can be easily hidden.

  • while this IC toggles water and lava source blocks it only removes the source blocks allowing the flood to drain naturally, Lava takes much longer to drain. A Toggle Area might work better for lava in some cases.

Sign parameters

Third line: water or lava

Fourth line: size of the cuboid (2-16). If this line is left blank it will default to 16.



  1. state


  1. effect: area
  2. no redstone outputs


  1. builder must have either craftbook,ic.restricted.* or craftbook,ic.restricted.mc1222 permissions node to set this IC. User must have normal use permissions for levers/buttons, etc to actuate it.
  2. the flood area will destroy redstone circuitry within the range of the IC unless care is taken to exclude empty spaces adjacent to the circuitry. The space above a block with redstone on it is not actually empty, but a space next to or above it that isn't filled with something could allow liquid to spawn in that space and flow into the redstone which will destroy it.
  3. The range affected includes the IC itself and any materials used to cover it. If it is buried under a one block layer of grass block then the minimum range that will produce a visible flood on the surface will be 3. The IC block counts as the center block in the range, the covering counts as the second block, and the third will be the closest empty blocks in the range into which the flood can spawn,

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