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SISO (1 input, 1 output)
above block breaker

Breaks the block immediately above the block on which the sign is posted when the input goes high. Does not break bedrock.

Sign parameters

Third line: (optional) block ID of the block to break.



  1. rising edge


  1. none


  1. This IC breaks the block immediately above the block the sign is on, not the block above the sign. If you set it up on the ceiling, you might not notice that the block above it has broken.
  2. It will also not break bedrock even if you specify bedrock in line 3.
  3. If you specify which block ID to break in line 3, and the block above it is not that block ID, it will not break the block.
  4. This IC depends upon a change in state from low to high. If the sign is too close to a redstone circuit that holds the sign state high, the state won't change and the IC will not function.

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