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SISO (1 input, 1 output)
Particle Effect Creator

The MC1210 creates set particle effects when triggered.

Sign parameters

  • Third line: Effect ID and Data, Written as EffectID:EffectData. EffectData can be left blank, doing so makes the third line just EffectID
  • Fourth line: Effect Quantity. A number stating how many times the effect is triggered. And the offset seperated by an equals sign. (Quantity=X:Y:Z Offset)

Effect ID's

Effect ID Effect Data Description
1000 None Click sound effect.
1001 None Another Click sound effect.
1002 None Bow sound effect.
1003 None Door open & door close sound effect (50/50 chance).
1004 None Fizz sound effect.
1005 Disc Decimal ID (See [1]) Plays a music disc.
1007 None Ghast charge sound effect.
1008 None Ghast fireball sound effect.
1010 None Zombie hitting wooden door sound effect.
1011 None Zombie hitting iron door sound effect.
1012 None Zombie breaking wooden door sound effect.
1013 None Wither spawning sound effect.
2000 Direction ID (See Below) Fire smoke particles.
2001 Block ID Block Break Particle
2002 Potion ID (See [2] Potion splash effect
2003 None Eye of Ender break
2004 None Mob spawn particle (Smoke + Flame)

Direction ID
0 South East
1 South
2 South West
3 East
4 Up
5 West
6 North East
7 North
8 North West



  1. Trigger


  1. None

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