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Restricted IC: This IC requires either the craftbook.ic.restricted.* or craftbook.ic.restricted.mc1207 permission to use.
SISO (1 input, 1 output)
Flexible Set block

MC1207 sets a block of a specified type at a denoted location relative to the IC body. It is possible to select an axis (X, Y, or Z) and a distance (+ or -) relative to the IC block. A block type is also required. An optional block data can be given. It is also possible to specify "hold mode" where the block will be deleted when the IC's clock input goes low.

Sign parameters

  • Third line: (Axis)(+ or -)(Distance):(Block ID)[:(Block Data)] - example: 'Y+1:5:2' - the block directly above the IC (+1 on the Y axis) is set to wood type 2 (ID 5 and Data 2).
  • Fourth line: "Hold mode". If the 4th line contains the letter H, hold mode is enabled and the space will be cleared when the clock input goes low.



  1. Clock


There are no outputs.

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