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CraftBook/Legacy cauldron

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Cauldrons allow the crafting of items using a literal pot of lava. Players place blocks into the cauldron and right click a block in order to perform crafting. In lieu of upcoming custom crafting recipes, cauldrons are a way to make rare items more common or otherwise unobtainable items, obtainable.



Cauldrons are made out of smooth stone and the pit itself is a 2x2x2 area. Under the 2x2x2 area is lava, moving or stationary. Thus, cauldrons have eight crafting places to place blocks.

  • The blocks around the lava can be anything (the lava is below the pit).
  • You cannot place blocks above the cauldron.
  • Recipes can contain gravel, sand, or water, but be aware that if you are not careful, you can break the lava underneath the cauldron.
Watch the tutorial video to learn how create new recipes (for server administrators) and create cauldrons.

Configuring recipes

Recipes are listed in the cauldron-recipes.txt file that exists in the same folder as Minecraft_Mod.jar (typically the bin/ folder). This file comes with CraftBook but you can create a new file from scratch as well. Each line of the file is one recipe, and the recipe line is divided into four fields by colons (:):

  1. The recipe name.
  2. The list of ingredients, separated by commas.
  3. The list of resulting items or blocks, separated by commas.
  4. Optional: A list of groups that can use this recipe, separated by commas.

A sample recipe that would make two grass blocks from 3 dirt blocks and 2 saplings would be:


Note how *# can be used to specify a multiple of an item, and @ can be used to add data values to blocks.


Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.cauldron Allow the use of cauldrons.


Configuration Node and Path Default Value Effect
mechanics.legacy-cauldron.enable false Enables the Legacy Cauldron mechanic.
mechanics.legacy-cauldron.block STONE The block to use as the casing for the legacy cauldron.

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