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CraftBook/FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Question Answer
Can you add X feature or fix X bug? Make a ticket here.
X is missing from the documentation/The documentation is wrong. Make a ticket here.


Issue Solution
X doesn't work! It acts as if it doesn't even exist! Make sure to enable any features you wish to use. If they aren't enabled they won't work.
Bridges, Gates and Doors complain about not having enough blocks. Build the complete bridge, or disable stop-mechanism-dupe in the configuration.
Bridges, Gates and Doors dupe when I break them in a protected region! Enable check-worldguard-flags if you use worldguard, or advanced-block-checks if you use another protection plugin.
If people break X mechanic in a protected area or block, it dupes! Turn on check-worldguard-flags and advanced-block-checks in the configuration.

If you check the individual page of a mechanic, it may provide more information to assist in the troubleshooting process. Please check there prior to asking on IRC or elsewhere.

If your issue cannot be resolved or your question is unanswered by the FAQ, pop onto IRC and we will help you solve the issue.

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