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CraftBook/Cooking pots

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Cooking Pots allow you cook any raw foods in a chest over a fire.


Cooking pots consist of three parts:

  1. A block to burn, with a [Cook] sign on it. (Netherrack recommended)
  2. A fire on the block with the sign on it.
  3. A chest, to cook inside.

Placing raw ingredients into the cooking pot will cause it to cook them, depending on fuel quantities. It is configurable whether the cooking pot will just work on foods, or if it will also work on other smelt-able resources such as ores.

It is possible to open the chest by right clicking the cook sign regardless of if the chest is obstructed, so it is therefore possible to put blocks over the top of the chest.


If the option to require fuel is done, a fuel source. To use the fuel source, right click the sign while holding it. If require fuel isn't enabled however, fuel still works and increases the speed of cooking.


If enabled in the configuration, it is possible to use redstone as a fuel source. For each power level of redstone, the cooking pot will gain 1 fuel point.



Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.cook Allows for creation of Cooking Pots.
craftbook.mech.cook.refuel Allows for refueling of Cooking Pots.


Configuration Node and Path Default Value Effect true Enable cooking pots. true Require fuel to cook. true Allows the cooking pot to cook ores and other smeltable items. true When enabled, right clicking the [Cook] sign will open the cooking pot. true When enabled, lava buckets being used as fuel will consume the bucket. false When enabled, cooking pots cook at incredibly fast speeds. Useful for semi-instant cooking systems. true Allows for redstone to be used as a fuel source.

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