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CraftBook/Block Bags

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Block bags

Block bags determine "sources" and "sinks" for getting and storing blocks. Some features, like Bridges, need to create blocks when it is turned on, and then put away blocks when it needs to turn off. Sources are methods to get blocks, while sinks are methods to store blocks. The default block bag (unlimited-black-hole) will provide an unlimited number of blocks and discard any block stored to it. To thwart block farming, you can change the block bag that you want to use (such as to the nearby-chests one). You can list several different types of block bags to use, but make sure you don't only provide a source or only provide a sink!


Block bag type Source? Sink? Description
unlimited-black-hole Yes Yes Unlimited blocks, discards all given blocks
black-hole No Yes Discards all given blocks
unlimited-block-source Yes No Provides unlimited blocks
admin-black-hole No Yes Eats all given blocks if a [Black Hole] sign (admin-only) is nearby
admin-block-source Yes No Provides unlimited blocks if a [Block Source] sign (admin-only) is nearby
nearby-chests Yes Yes Use nearby chests
Parameter Value Default Description
block-bags list of accepted values unlimited-black-hole Block bags to use, separated by commas.

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