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CraftBook/Better Leads

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Better Leads is a mechanic that extends the capabilities of the Minecraft Leads (Leashes).

Allowed Mobs

Allowed mobs is a mechanic that allows you to specify extra mobs to be leash-able; for example Zombies.

Creepers that have been leashed

Stop Target

Stop target stops the mobs that are leashed by the player attacking the player. This can be used for example, if the player leashes a zombie so that they won't be attacked by the zombie they have leashed.

Warning: Due to a bug in bukkit, this will not work for mobs that have already targeted the player, and instead will only stop new mobs targeted the player.

Mob Repel

Mob Repel stops hostile mobs targeting players that are holding mobs of the same type on a leash. This was inspired by Michonne from The Walking Dead.

Warning: Due to a bug in bukkit, this will not work for mobs that have already targeted the player, and instead will only stop new mobs targeting the player.

Hitch Persist

Hitch persist is a feature that allows for the creation of communal hitching posts. When the hitch is punched, only the leads attached pop off, the actual hitch is kept on the fence.

Owner Hitching

This feature builds on communal hitching posts. It is recommended to use this in tandem with Hitch Persist but not required. With this feature enabled, if a player tames a horse or wolf and hitches it to a fence, and someone else were to come along and do the same, only the mobs hitched by the player breaking the hitch would be unleashed.


Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.leads Allows the usage of BetterLeads.
craftbook.mech.leads.mobs.mob_type Allows the player to leash a certain type of mob. Use craftbook.mech.leads.mobs.* to allow for all.
craftbook.mech.leads.ignore-target Stops mobs on the leads targeting the player. (Stop Target)
craftbook.mech.leads.mob-repel Allows the player to use Mob Repel.
craftbook.mech.leads.owner-break-only.bypass Allows a player to bypass Owner Hitching.


Configuration Node and Path Default Value Effect
mechanics.better-leads.enable false Enables BetterLeads Mechanics.
mechanics.better-leads.stop-mob-target false Stop hostile mobs targeting you if you are holding them on a leash.
mechanics.better-leads.owner-unleash-only false Only allow the owner of tameable entities to unleash them from a leash hitch.
mechanics.better-leads.hitch-persists false Stop leash hitches breaking when clicked no entities are attached. This allows for a public horse hitch or similar.
mechanics.better-leads.mob-repel false If you have a mob tethered to you, mobs of that type will not target you.
mechanics.better-leads.allowed-mobs [ZOMBIE, SPIDER] The list of mobs that can be tethered with a lead.

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