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These functions provide a quick and easy way to hook into WorldEdit/WorldGuard. However, they do not provide full functionality, so you won't be able to use them for everything. Note that you will have WorldEdit/WorldGuard to use these commands, and that all of these commands are prefixed by sk_.


Warning: As of writing, CommandHelper is not compatible with the developer (version 6.x) versions of WorldEdit.

If you use WorldEdit regularly, all these functions should be very familiar. Anyway, let's start off with something simple, sk_pos1.

sk_pos1() #returns the pos1 of the player

Using it like that will return a location array of the current player's position 1. The array is formatted as follows: x, y, z, world. To set the position 1 of a player, you will need to specify a location array. Let's set the position 1 of a player named 'player' to 0, 0, 0.

sk_pos1('player', array(0, 0, 0))

That was easy! What if we want to set it to the player's current position? That's easy as well, let's just use ploc().

assign(@pname, 'player') #we're using player for this example
sk_pos1(@pname, ploc(@pname)) #use ploc to set player's position 1 to his current location

All the above applies to sk_pos2 as well, it is used exactly the same way. For example

sk_pos2() #returns the player's position 2

Note that both of these functions can return a PlayerOfflineException or a CastException.


What if we want a list of all the regions? That's easy enough, just use sk_all_regions(). That will return an array of all the regions in all the worlds. What if we wanted to get all the regions in only one world, though? Just use sk_all_regions(world)

sk_all_regions('world') #returns an array of all the regions for the world 'world'

To see what regions a player is in, use sk_current_regions(player). If a player is not specified, the current player is used.

sk_current_regions('player') #returns an array of the regions player is in

Once you have a region name and world, you can get info about it using sk_region_info(region_name, world). This command returns the following:

  • 0 - An array of points that define this region
  • 1 - An array of owners of this region
  • 2 - An array of members of this region
  • 3 - An array of arrays of this region's flags, where each array is: array(flag_name, value)
  • 4 - This region's priority
  • 5 - The volume of this region (in meters cubed)
(list taken from here)

A full list of functions can be found here.

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