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These functions provide a quick and easy way to hook into parts of WorldEdit/WorldGuard and require the SKCompat extension. All of these commands are prefixed by "sk_".


If you use WorldEdit regularly, all these functions should be very familiar. Anyway, let's start off with something simple, sk_pos1.

sk_pos1() #returns the pos1 of the player

Using it like that will return a location array of the current player's position 1. The array is formatted as follows: x, y, z, world. To set the position 1 of a player, you will need to specify a location array. Let's set the position 1 of a player named 'player' to 0, 0, 0.

sk_pos1('player', array(0, 0, 0))

That was easy! What if we want to set it to the player's current position? That's easy as well, let's just use ploc().

assign(@pname, 'player') #we're using player for this example
sk_pos1(@pname, ploc(@pname)) #use ploc to set player's position 1 to his current location

All the above applies to sk_pos2 as well, it is used exactly the same way. For example

sk_pos2() #returns the player's position 2

Note that both of these functions can return a PlayerOfflineException or a CastException.


What if we want a list of all the regions? That's easy enough, just use sk_all_regions(). That will return an array of all the regions in all the worlds. What if we wanted to get all the regions in only one world, though? Just use sk_all_regions(world)

sk_all_regions('world') #returns an array of all the regions for the world 'world'

To see what regions a player is in, use sk_current_regions(player). If a player is not specified, the current player is used.

sk_current_regions('player') #returns an array of the regions player is in

Once you have a region name and world, you can get info about it using sk_region_info(region_name, world). This command returns the following:

  • 0 - An array of points that define this region
  • 1 - An array of owners of this region
  • 2 - An array of members of this region
  • 3 - An array of arrays of this region's flags, where each array is: array(flag_name, value)
  • 4 - This region's priority
  • 5 - The volume of this region (in meters cubed)

More functions are being added all the time. See the extension page for more information.

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