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This page lists several frequently asked questions, with a quick, succinct answer, and links to further resources on the topic, if applicable.


Q: How do I create aliases?
A: Aliases are put in the aliases.msa file for global aliases, and added in game with the /alias command for user aliases. To refresh your aliases after making changes to the aliases.msa file (or any CH script file) use /reloadaliases from either in game, or the console.
Q: How do I run CommandHelper commands from other plugins?
A: Prefix the alias with /runalias
Q: What is the .cache folder?
A: The .cache folder contains files that speed up the startup. Deleting it will cause the next startup to take slightly longer, but otherwise will have no effect, and can be beneficial to delete every once and a while to clear out old, unused cache files


Q: Why is "persistance" misspelled? Isn't it "persistence"?
A: Yes, and I fixed it :p

Common Errors

Q: I got a compile error. What does that mean?
A: It means you have messed up your syntax somewhere. There's a huge range of possible errors, so you'll have to read the error message carefully, and try to understand what it's telling you. If an error message is unclear (or wrong) it may be a bug in CommandHelper, so jump on IRC and ask, or make a post on the forum, but try to understand what the message says before you ask for help.

Dev builds, Bug reporting, Releases

Q: Where can I report bugs?
Q: Where can I get the latest dev builds?
A: Note that the latest build is the only version that is supported however, so if you're using a random build, expect to have to upgrade if we can't quickly figure out a problem you're having.
Q: When will the next release be available?
A: Releases happen when they are ready. Because this is a 100% volunteer project, IRL always comes first, and so it's very hard to predict a time based ETA. Having said that, feature based ETAs are possible; that is, "after feature X, Y, and Z are complete, and there are no bugs left, we will release". If you are dying for new features, the development builds are generally quite stable. CommandHelper is a well tested piece of software; there are over 500 unit tests, and it is a high priority to keep tests from failing, as well as continually add more tests as new features are added. Having said that, there still may be bugs, and it still may break things, so always keep backups, especially if you are running it on a production server.

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