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CommandHelper/Event API

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Warning: If you are running a development version, you should read the staged wiki page, which has information pertinent to the latest development builds

Events allow you to trigger scripts not just on commands, but also on other actions, such as a player logging in, or a player breaking a block. See the documentation on events for more information

Event Name Description Prefilters Event Data Mutable Fields Since
player_chat Fired when any player attempts to send a chat message. player: Macro message: The message to be sent
recipients: An array of players that will recieve the chat message. If a player doesn't exist or is offline, and is in the array, it is simply ignored, no exceptions will be thrown.
player_death Fired when a player dies. player: Macro player: The player that died
drops: An array of the dropped items
xp: The xp that will be dropped
cause: The cause of death
death_message: The death message
drops: : An array of item objects, or null. The items to be dropped are replaced with the given items, not added to
death_message: : the death message, or null to remove it entirely
player_interact Fires when a player left or right clicks a block or the air block: Item Match If the block the player interacts with is this
button: String Match left or right. If they left or right clicked
item: Item Match The item they are holding when they interacted
player: String Match The player that triggered the event
action: One of either: left_click_block, right_click_block, left_click_air, or right_click_air
block: The id of the block they clicked, or 0 if they clicked the air. If they clicked the air, neither facing or location will be present.
player: The player associated with this event
facing: The (lowercase) face of the block they clicked. See <<jd:[bukkit]org.bukkit.block.BlockFace>> for the possible values
location: The (x, y, z, world) location of the block they clicked
' 3.3.0
player_join This event is called when a player logs in. Setting join_message to null causes it to not be displayed at all. Cancelling the event does not prevent them from logging in. Instead, you should just kick() them. player: String Match
join_message: Regex
player: The player's name
join_message: The default join message
join_message 3.3.0
player_spawn Fires when a player respawns x: Expression
y: Expression
z: Expression
world: String Match
player: Macro
player: The player that is respawning
location: The location they are going to respawn at
location 3.3.0

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