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A cookbook has many small, short recipes in it, that tell you how to cook a single dish. With each given recipe, you are expected to modify it to suit your needs, as well as know which recipes to combine to make an entire meal. Just like a cookbook, this page lists common tasks that are small, generic examples that need a bit of modification to suit your needs, but should otherwise complete one small portion of a more complex task. Feel free to take and modify these snippets to fit your needs, and put them in a larger ecosystem of scripts that make up the whole of your server. The examples in this cookbook may only work with development features, so if it doesn't work, try updating to a dev build.

Command Cooldown

This shows how to add a cooldown to any command, so that it won't be able to be run by a player until after a certain amount of time.

proc(_cooldown, @time, @id){
  @t = get_value('cooldowns.'[email protected])
  if(@t == null){
    store_value('cooldowns.'[email protected], time())
  } else {
    if((time() - @t) / 1000 <= @time){
      die('You must wait at least '[email protected]' seconds between command runs')
    } else {
      store_value('cooldowns.'[email protected], time())

In your actual command:

/command = >>>
_cooldown(60, 'SOMETHINGUNIQUEHERE') # 60 seconds is the time between command runs

# Do the rest of the command here

Continual Server Broadcast

If you want to continually broadcast a message to the server, you can add this little snippet:


#We are setting it to run every 2 minutes (2 minutes, times 60 seconds, times 1000 ms gives us 2 minutes in ms)
set_interval(2 * 60 * 1000, closure(
    assign(@messages, array(
        'Message 1',
        'Message 2',
        'Message 3' 
        #You can add as many messages as you like
    assign(@index, rand(array_size(@messages))) #This is the index of a random message

Delayed Looper

If you want to run some code in a loop a limited number of times, but put a delay between runs, you can use the following code: (Note the Execution Queue is a much more elegant solution to this problem)

    assign(@n, 100) #The number of times you wish this to run
    assign(@delay, 1000) #The delay between runs, in MS

    assign(@counterName, rand()) #Prevents overlapping counter names
    export('counter' . @counterName, @n)
            assign(@n, import('counter' . @counterName))
            msg(@n) #This bit becomes your code
            if(@n <= 0){
            export('counter' . @counterName, @n.'') #The .'' is a workaround for a bug in CH, this will be fixed soon

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