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CommandBook is SMP only and requires Bukkit and WorldEdit.

  1. Download CommandBook and WorldEdit (WorldEdit is required).
  2. In the folder with craftbukkit.jar, make a "plugins" folder if it's missing.
  3. Copy both WorldEdit.jar and CommandBook.jar into "plugins".
  4. Restart the server.


Default configuration files will be created in plugins/CommandBook/ when CommandBook (and the server) is first started.

  1. Edit the file config.yml inside the folder above (How do I do this?) and change the configuration.
  2. Set up permissions or use commandbook.* for all permissions (What are these?).
  3. Type /cmdbook reload in game to reload the configuration (and permissions).
Warning: /cmdbook reload doesn't appear to reload all configuration anymore. This is a known bug.

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