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Starting from version 2.0, CommandBook has a system of components that splits the plugin into modules that can be easily enabled and disabled. While before the CommandBook customizer only disabled commands, the component system allows entirely disabling parts of the plugin.


Component Description Configuration alias Enabled by default Class file
Freeze Blocks a specified player's movement on command freeze True com.sk89q.commandbook.FreezeComponent
God God mode support god True com.sk89q.commandbook.GodComponent
Name Verification This component verifies that player names are valid when they join. name-verification True com.sk89q.commandbook.NameVerificationComponent
Thor Thor's hammer and other lightning effects. thor True com.sk89q.commandbook.ThorComponent
Time Control Commands to manage and lock time for a world. time True com.sk89q.commandbook.time.TimeComponent

The configuration alias is the name used for a component in the configuration's list of enabled and disabled components


Each component can be enabled or disabled in the configuration under the components section. Components added to the disabled list will be automatically removed from the enabled list, but components added to the enabled list have to be removed from the disabled list manually. Each component included in CommandBook that has configuration options stores the configuration options in a subsection of the component: section of CommandBook's main config.yml.

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