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Check out the new WorldGuard documentation for WG 6+:

Controlling rank


A region can be assigned a parent, which causes it to:

  • Inherit its owners
  • Inherit its members
  • Inherit its flags, yet override it as well if defined
  • Override the owners and members of its parent so that the owners and members of a child do not need to be in the parent to be able to build
Example: Setting a region's parent
/region setparent child parent


However, there are some cases where priorities are needed. Priorities are numbers (negatives are possible) assigned to a region to determine its rank. A higher number is a higher priority, and a higher priority will override any flags of lower priorities if the higher priority region has a flag defined. This is often needed when two region overlap partially or one region encases another completely.

Example: Setting a region's priority
/region setpriority NoBuild 100

Regions of the same priority

In some cases, you may have two (or more) regions with the same priority that overlap. A player will need to have build permissions in all of the overlapping regions to build in that location.

There is also the obvious problem of when overlapping regions with the same priority both have the same flag, but set to different values. The results depend on the type of flag:

  • State flags have three states, NONE, ALLOW, and DENY, with precedence in that order (lowest to high). If region A has ALLOW and region B has DENY, then region B's DENY will take precedence.
  • Other flags may conflict. If you set a greeting message in both region A and B, then either may take precedence.

Because you often cannot control which flags will take precedence, it is recommended to avoid this situation. Conflicts can be resolved by adjusting region priorities, or by redefining regions so they do not overlap.

Global region

Flags have default values. For example, what if you're in an area where there's no region or no defined region has that flag set? WorldGuard checks the "global region" in that case, and if it's not there, it then checks its built-in value (for example, PvP is enabled by default).

You can change the global region by changing the region named __global__ (two underscores on both sides).

Warning: The global region is NOT "default values" for new regions.
Example: Setting the global region's PvP flag
/region flag __global__ pvp deny

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