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All configuration for WorldGuard goes in the file that resides in the same directory as your server files.


Parameter Value Default Since Description
summary-on-start true/false true 1.2 Print a summary of WorldGuard's protection settings at-a-glance when the plugin is loaded.
Glitch protection
enforce-single-session true/false true 1.0 Enforce single sessions. If the player is already found to be on the server when s/he logs in, the other player will be kicked with an informative message. The inventory will have been saved before the new session starts.
item-durability true/false false 1.4 Enables item durability. Note that this feature requires a feature in hMod that is no longer available.
item-drop-blacklist item list 1.2 List of block names/IDs to destroy on drop. This can alleviate the durability cheat that allows you to drop your tools to fix their durability. You can also enforce this with the blacklist but this is an easier way to do it (this way also prints a more friendly message than if you used the 'tell' action of the blacklist).
Feature simulation
classic-water true/false false 1.0 Toggle use of classic water. Be foreward that your world may be flooded if you are not careful. If you have WorldEdit, you can use //drain in such an event, although that will drain the entire pool as well. This classic-esque water will only spread infinitely over ground, but if there are air blocks underneath, the water will not spread (preventing waterfalls from becoming tsunamis).
simulate-sponge true/false true 1.0 Toggle simulation of the sponge from Classic.
sponge-radius integer 3 1.2 The radius of the sponge's effect. The default is that of Classic, creating a 5x5x5 cuboid free of water. Increasing the number will increase server load exponentially, although 3-5 has fairly low impact.
no-physics-gravel true/false false 1.4 Prevents gravel from falling due to gravity.
no-physics-sand true/false false 1.4 Prevents sand from falling due to gravity.
allow-portal-anywhere true/false false 1.4 Allows you to place portal blocks anywhere.
disable-water-damage-blocks block list 1.7 List of blocks that should not be destroyed by water (Redstone wire, minecart tracks, flowers, etc.).
Explosion/fire creation blocking
block-tnt true/false false 1.0 Block TNT explosions. TNT will still explode client-side but the blocks will be "restored" in a few seconds afterwards.
block-lighter true/false false 1.0 Block fires being created with the lighter. Those with access to the commands /uselighter or /lighter can bypass this. /uselighter is not a real command; it is only used for permissions.
block-creepers true/false false 1.0 Block creeper explosions from destroying terrain or doing any damage. Creepers will still exist.
Fire control
disable-lava-fire true/false true 1.0 Prevent lava from starting fires.
allowed-lava-spread-blocks block list 1.0 List of block names/IDs to allow lava to spread to. Leave blank to disable this feature.
disable-all-fire-spread true/false false 1.0 Disable all fire spreading.
disallowed-fire-spread-blocks block list 1.0 List of block names/IDs to prevent fire from spreading to. Leave blank to disable this feature. Enabling disable-all-fire-spread will override this function.
Spawn enhancements
login-protection integer 3 1.6 Number of seconds to keep a player invincible when the player joins.
spawn-protection integer 0 1.6 Number of seconds to keep a player invincible when the player spawns. This does not apply to players joining the server.
kick-on-death true/false false 1.6 Kick players when they die (and respawn). This is to work around the issues of invisible players when players die. This is deprecated.
exact-respawn true/false false unreleased Ensures that players respawn exactly at the spawn location when they respawn after death.
teleport-to-home-on-death true/false false unreleased After death, teleport players to their home position on respawn.
Player damage
disable-fall-damage true/false false 1.7 Disable fall damage.
disable-lava-damage true/false false 1.7 Disable lava damage.
disable-fire-damage true/false false 1.7 Disable fire damage.
disable-water-damage true/false false 1.7 Disable water damage.
disable-suffocation-damage true/false false 1.8 Disable suffocation damage.
teleport-on-suffocation true/false false 1.8 Teleport players up upon suffocation. Note that this can be abused to go through ceilings.
Regions/Area protection
use-regions true/false true 2.0 Use regions.
regions-wand integer 287 2.0 Item to use to display region information when right clicked. Default is string.

Blacklist-related configuration can be found on relevant page.

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