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Check out the new WorldGuard documentation for WG 6+:

Command Arguments Description
Main commands
/god [player] Gives a player invincibility.
/ungod [player] Remove a player's invincibility.
/heal [player] Heals a player to full health.
/slay [player] Slays a player.


Stack items in your inventory into piles up to the max stack size for the item. Unstackable items like signs will be left alone unless the the user has the worldguard.stack.illegitimate permission.
/locate [player] Points your compass towards a player.
Emergency commands
/stopfire [world] Stops fire spread instantly for your current world. This is a temporary toggle that will be disabled on server restart. Players who join will be notified when fire spread is disabled.
/allowfire [world] Disables the toggle status of /stopfire.
/stoplag [world] Stops all intensive server processes such as water and lava flow, redstone propagation, fire, TNT detonation, mob spawning, and other similar events. This is a temporary global toggle that will be disabled on server restart. Players who join will be notified when this mode is on. (Note: As of 5.2, the disabling of TNT explosion is not effective. It works much better in developmental versions.)
/stoplag -c [world] Disables the toggle status of /stoplag
/worldguard flushstates [player] Flush any data stored in the state manager that tracks player location for the entry, exit, greeting and farewell flags. Use this if someone is stuck in an exit deny region (or outside an entry deny one) after the flag or region has been removed.
WorldGuard commands
/worldguard version Prints the current WorldGuard version.
/worldguard reload Reloads WorldGuard's configuration files.
/worldguard report [-p] Writes a report of all WorldGuard settings and basic information about the current running server to a file in the WorldGuard plugin folder.
  • -p will also send the report to pastebin and return a shortened URL to the report in chat or console
Area protection commands
(See the area protection commands page.)

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