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WorldEdit/Tree types

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The list of tree types that you can use are:

Type Description IDs
Oak tree The regular small Minecraft tree oak, tree, regular
Large oak tree Big Minecraft trees largeoak, bigoak, big, bigtree
Spruce tree Trees found in colder biomes such as Taiga spruce, redwood, sequoia, sequoioideae
Tall spruce tree Taller version of spruce tree tallspruce, bigspruce, tallredwood, tallsequoia, tallseqoioideae
Large spruce tree very tall 2x2 trunk spruce tree (seen in Mega Taiga) largespruce, megaredwood
Random spruce Either a tall, non-tall or large spruce tree randspruce, randredwood, randomredwood, anyredwood
Birch tree Birch (white bark) birch, white, whitebark
Tall birch tree Tall Birch (white bark) tallbirch
Random birch tree Tall or non-tall birch tree randbirch, randombirch
Jungle tree A jungle tree with a 2x2 trunk jungle
Small jungle tree A jungle tree with a 1x1 trunk shortjungle, smalljungle
Random jungle tree Tall or non-tall jungle tree randjungle, randomjungle
Jungle bush A trunkless jungle tree junglebush, jungleshrub
Red Mushroom A giant red mushroom redmushroom, redgiantmushroom
Brown Mushroom A giant brown mushroom brownmushroom, browngiantmushroom
Random Mushroom Red or brown mushroom randmushroom, randommushroom
Swamp tree A tree with vines on it swamp, swamptree
Acacia tree Savanna biome tree acacia
Dark Oak tree Roofed forest biome trees darkoak
Pine tree Built-in pine tree (called "terrible looking" in source code) pine
Random tree Randomly chooses one of the tree types listed here (including itself) rand, random

Note that trees have to be specifically supported by the implementing platform (Bukkit plugin, Forge mod, etc). If a tree listed here does not generate correctly (or at all), it is likely not supported by the implementation of WorldEdit that you are using.


Example: Generating a tall sequoia forest
/forestgen 20 tallredwood
Example: Flatlist, for copypaste:
/tree [tree, big, redwood, tallredwood, megaredwood, randredwood, birch, tallbirch, pine, jungle, smalljungle, acacia, darkoak, random]

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