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WorldEdit/Super pickaxe

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The super pickaxe feature in WorldEdit makes all pickaxes have super powers!

Super pickaxe

The super pickaxe features give your pickaxe the ability to destroy and mine blocks very quickly. To toggle your super pickaxe, use the // command. By default, the selected mode is the single block mode.

If you switch mode with one of the commands below, the super pickaxe will be enabled.

Warning: On servers, only users with the worldedit.override.bedrock permission can destroy bedrock with these tools.

Instant mining

  • /single
  • // (to turn off)

Single block mode only destroys one block. By default, using this mode will drop mined blocks, but this behavior can be changed with the super-pickaxe.drop-items configuration option.

Destroying areas instantly

  • /recur <radius>
  • /area <radius>
  • // (to turn off)

As of WorldEdit v4 the commands are now:

  • /sp area <radius>

These two modes destroy an entire area, but they only destroy blocks of the same type as the one that you hit. The difference between the two modes, however, is that recursive mode destroys blocks adjacent to the original block, continuing until it reaches the radius. Area mode just destroys all blocks inside a cuboid area of radius * 2 + 1 width and length from the first block you hit.

By default, using these modes will not drop mined blocks, but this behavior can be changed with the super-pickaxe.many-drop-items configuration option.

Warning: Turning on block drops with these modes will drop an excessive amount of items and cause severe lag.

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