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WorldEdit/Quick start

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Getting around

First, let's figure out how you can get around quickly.

  1. Look at a block not too far away and type /jumpto
  2. Stand under a tree and type /ascend
  3. While on top of the tree, type /descend
  4. Stand behind a tree trunk, look straight ahead, make sure there's room on the other side, and type /thru

Or whip out your compass, look at a nearby block, and left click. Want to go through walls? Right click on a wall.

Making selections

A cuboid is like 3D rectangle. In WorldEdit, you select the region that you want by setting two points of a cuboid.


How do you choose the two points?

  • Left and right click blocks while holding a wooden axe (use //wand to get a wooden axe)
  • Stand somewhere and type //pos1 and //pos2
  • Look at a block and type //hpos1 and //hpos2

Tutorial: Make a small selection of 4 by 4 by 4 to test with and go to the next section.

Generating shapes

  • Generate a hollow glass sphere: //hsphere glass 4
  • Generate a filled brick circle: //cyl brick 5 1

Using the super pickaxe

The super pickaxe does quite a few things.

Instant mining

  1. Instantly mine: // and start hitting blocks with any pickaxe (fast, right?)
  2. Disable the super pickaxe: // again


  1. Hold an item that you want to assign the tool to.
  2. Information tool: /info and right click blocks
  3. Replace blocks with cake: /repl cake and right click blocks
  4. Instant block remover: /repl 0 and right click blocks
  5. Change cloth color: /cycler and right click cloth
  6. Make trees: /tree and right click grass
  7. Turn off your tool: /none

Building from far away

  1. Hold an item that you want to assign the tool to. (lets say pickaxe)
  2. Let's choose a sphere brush: /brush sphere sandstone 2
  3. Look at some blocks and right click while holding a pickaxe
  4. Let's try the cylinder brush: /brush cyl sandstone 3
  5. Look at some blocks and right click while holding a pickaxe
  6. Turn off your brush tool: /none

Things to know

Adjusting the selection

So you've got a cuboid. Let's change it!

  • Make the cuboid 10 blocks taller, going up: //expand 10 up
  • Make the cuboid 5 blocks longer in the direction that you are looking: //expand 5
  • Make the cuboid 10 blocks shorter, going down: //contract 10 down

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