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WorldEdit/Installation/Single player

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Single player usage requires the Single Player Commands mod.


  1. Install Single Player Commands.
  2. To optionally update WorldEdit (SPC comes with WorldEdit already):
    1. Download WorldEdit.
    2. Copy WorldEdit.jar into your .minecraft/bin directory and replace the existing WorldEdit.jar.


When you first run WorldEdit, .minecraft/mods/sppcommands/ will be created and then you can configure WorldEdit. To reload WorldEdit's configuration, you have to save your world, quit it, and then get back in.


For some features, you put the files here:

Optional dependencies

If you install certain Java libraries, WorldEdit will automatically make use of them to give you more features. The install process for these libraries is to identify the file that you need (listed in the table below) in the download and to place it into your bin/ directory. After restarting the server, WorldEdit should find the libraries.

Library What it's for The file to install
TrueZIP Better ZIP support for snapshots Save as truezip.jar
Rhino (JavaScript engine) Required for scripting support Download version 1.7R2, extract js.jar

Note that the filename must match exactly as in the table.

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