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WorldEdit/Installation/Single player

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Single player usage requires the Single Player Commands modification.


  1. Install Single Player Commands.
  2. Because WorldEdit ships with Single Player Commands, WorldEdit will already be installed.


You can update WorldEdit separately from Single Player Commands to get a hold of new WorldEdit features without having to wait for Single Player Commands to update.

  1. Download WorldEdit.
  2. Copy World.jar into your .minecraft/bin directory and replace the existing WorldEdit.jar.
Warning: Not all features work in the single player version yet.


When you first run WorldEdit, .minecraft/mods/sppcommands/ will be created and then you can configure WorldEdit. To reload WorldEdit's configuration, you have to save your world, quit it, and then get back in.

For some features, you put the files here:

Optional dependencies

These libraries can be installed as necessary.


TrueZIP is used for snapshots.

  1. Download TrueZIP 6.8.1. Right click the file and use "save file as" to make sure that a program like WinRAR doesn't try to open it.
  2. Place it into your .minecraft/bin directory.
  3. Rename the file to truezip.jar for it to work.


Rhino is used for scripting.

  1. Download Rhino.
  2. Copy js.jar into .minecraft/bin.

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