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  1. Download WorldEdit.
  2. Create a "plugins" folder inside your server's folder (containing CraftBukkit-??.jar) if it does not yet exist.
  3. Copy WorldEdit.jar into "plugins" from unzipped folder.
  4. Restart the server.

Optionally extract the "craftscripts/" folder from the ZIP into "plugins/WorldEdit" (you may have to make the WorldEdit folder) in order to install the extra CraftScripts (although you still have to install the Rhino dependency to be able to run the scripts; see below).

Tip: We recommend that you install WorldEdit CUI, a client-side mod for Minecraft that adds the pretty lines for your WorldEdit selections.

It will help you greatly to prevent mistakes!


Default configuration files will be created in plugins/WorldEdit/ when WorldEdit (and the server) is first started.

  1. Open up plugins/WorldEdit/config.yml in a text editor and change the configuration.
  2. Set up permissions (or use worldedit.* for all permissions).
  3. Type /we reload in game to reload the configuration (and permissions).

Optional dependencies

If you install certain Java libraries, WorldEdit will automatically make use of them to give you more features. The install process for these libraries is to identify the file that you need (listed in the table below) in the download and to place it into your plugins/WorldEdit/ directory. After restarting the server, WorldEdit should find the libraries.

Library What it's for The file to install
TrueZIP Better ZIP support for snapshots Save as truezip.jar
Rhino (JavaScript engine) Required for scripting support Download version 1.7R2, extract js.jar

Note that the filename must match exactly as in the table.

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