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WorldEdit/GSP information

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The following dependencies are OPTIONAL:

  • TrueZip (to be put as truezip.jar)
    • Allows WorldEdit to read zipped backup folders better
  • Rhino (to be put as js.jar)
    • Improves CraftScript's JavaScript support

If you are using Bukkit, the .jar files must go into plugins/WorldEdit for WorldEdit to be able to detect them.


The following files and directories may be read from:

  • plugins/WorldEdit/schematics/
  • plugins/WorldEdit/craftscripts/
  • plugins/WorldEdit/drawings/ (if you install the bundled CraftScripts)
  • A backups directory configured inside the configuration
  • Any subdirectory in the server's folder if users can install custom CraftScripts

The following files and directory may be written to:

  • plugins/WorldEdit/schematics/
  • worldedit-del-chunks.bat
Warning: Under all circumstances, the Minecraft server must be configured so that it cannot access files outside its own server folder. WorldEdit makes a best effort attempt at preventing directory traversal exploits and uses strict filename whitelists; however, there are no guarantees that there are not bugs, either in WorldEdit, the Minecraft server, or another plugin.

Potentially requested features

  • A folder to store schematics when saving copies of the world.
  • Snapshots allow users to restore a section of the world in-game from a backup of the world's files. Setting this up requires pointing WorldEdit to a folder containing the backups.
  • CraftScripts allow users to script WorldEdit. CraftScripts can do anything that Java can do and thus they are highly dangerous. The bundled scripts are safe; however.

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