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Become familiar with WorldEdit's general features such as history.


When you select a region or change your preferences in-game, your information will be put into a temporary session that will be kept active as long as you stay logged in. Upon disconnecting, your session will be discarded in 10 minutes, allowing you to log back in and retain your session. On SMP, each person's session is kept separately.

Sessions contain:

  • Your current selection
  • Your history
  • Your block change limit
  • Your selected snapshot to restore from


All operations save to your history and it's capable of remembering up to the last 15 operations. The history logs each change as the previous block and the new block whenever WorldEdit changes a block. If you ever want to rollback after some change, type //undo in chat. If you change your mind, you can type in //redo in chat to repeat the operation (from history).

If you need to clear your history, you can use the /clearhistory command.

Block data support

WorldEdit supports block data to ensure that whenever you paste a copy or undo a change, you will get exactly what you want. For examples of block data, sapling blocks remember their growth status and signs remember their text.

Support for the block data is listed below:

Block Block data support Tile entity data support
Bukkit Single player Bukkit Single player
Log Yes Yes
Leaves Yes Yes
Saplings Yes Yes
Cactus Yes Yes
Water and lava Yes Yes
Soil Yes Yes
Crops Yes Yes
Wool Yes Yes
Torches Yes Yes
Redstone Yes Yes
Minecart tracks Yes Yes
Stairs Yes Yes
Levers Yes Yes
Doors Yes Yes
Buttons Yes Yes
Pumpkins Yes Yes
Pressure plates Yes Yes
Sign Yes Yes Yes NO (sign text)
Chests Yes NO (contents)
Furnace Yes Yes Yes NO (contents)
Dispenser Yes Yes Yes NO (contents)
Note block Yes NO (note)
Mob spawner Yes NO (mob)

Note: Blank fields mean that that block doesn't use that type of data (there are two types of data: regular block data and tile entity data).

Item data support

Additionally, when WorldEdit moves items around in chests (if chests are supported), it keeps track of data for those items as well. Support is detailed below.

Item Item data support
Bukkit Single player
Dyes Yes Yes
Wool Yes Yes

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