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When you first run the server with WorldEdit installed, a config.yml file will be generated and put at plugins/WorldEdit/config.yml. You can configure various WorldEdit settings with this file.


The file is written in the YAML format and you must follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use tabs. You MUST use spaces or Bukkit will complain. If you use an editor like Notepad++ (recommended for Windows users), you must configure it to "replace tabs with spaces." In Notepad++, this can be changed in Settings > Preferences > Language Menu.
  • Don't get rid of the indents. They are indented so some entries are in categories (like "max-blocks-changed" is in the "limits" category.
  • If you want to check the format of this file before putting it into WorldEdit, paste it into and see if it gives "ERROR:".
  • Lines starting with # are comments and so they are ignored.


Note: For every period in the configuration's name as listed below, that means you indent it one level below the previous.

Configuration Value Default Description
wand-item integer 271 ID of the item to use for the wand, a tool that allows the selection of points by left or right clicking. The default is set at a wooden axe.
shell-save-type bash or bat Batch file type to use. This is used by the /delchunks command.
debug true/false false If enabled, the amount of time that a command takes to complete will be printed after each command.
limits.max-blocks-changed.maximum integer -1 A limit of blocks that can be changed in one operation. The value of this option specifies a maximum that a user cannot set a limit past. If you just want to set a default value (which is per-user), use default-max-blocks-changed. A value of -1 indicates no limit.
limits.max-blocks-changed.default integer -1 The default block change limit. If this value is higher than the maximum as specified by max-blocks-changed, the maximum overrides. A value of -1 indicates no default limit.
limits.max-radius integer -1 The maximum radius that can be used for the commands that take a radius parameter. Use -1 for no limit.
limits.max-super-pickaxe-size integer 5 The maximum useable size for the super pickaxe.
limits.disallowed-blocks list of block IDs (a long list) List of block and items that cannot be used. Note that the //stack and //paste commands do not obey this configuration.
Use inventory
use-inventory.enable true/false false Get all required blocks from a player's inventory.
use-inventory.override true/false true Enable the worldedit.inventory.unrestricted permission that allows a user to bypass inventory if use-inventory is enabled.
logging.log-commands true/false false Choose to log used commands to console.
logging.file string Path to a log file to log used commands. log-commands must be enabled.
Super pickaxe
super-pickaxe.drop-items true/false true Drop items with the single super pickaxe.
super-pickaxe.many-drop-items true/false false Drop items with the non-single block super pickaxe modes. Note that these other modes may destroy a lot of blocks and thus drop an excessive amount of blocks.
Snapshots string Directory to read snapshots from. Unless an absolute path is specified, this directory is relative to the bukkit server .jar file.
Navigation wand
navigation-wand.item integer 345 Item to bind /jumpto (left-click) and /thru (right-click). Default item is the compass.
navigation-wand.max-distance integer 100 Maximum distance for the wand to work with.
scripting.timeout integer 3000 The number of milliseconds to let CraftScripts run for at most.
scripting.dir string craftscripts The directory to keep your craftscripts.
saving.dir string schematics The directory to save schematics to.
history.Size integer 15 Undo memory
history.expiration integer 10
butcher.butcher-default-radius integer -1 The radius to kill mobs. -1 means no limit.

To reload WorldEdit's settings in-game, you can reload the plugin with /reloadwe.

Using inventory

Enabling the inventory usage configuration setting forces WorldEdit to take blocks only from a player's inventory. In addition, blocks will be "mined" and put into a player's inventory if there is room when blocks are replaced or removed.

When a block cannot be fetched (if, for example, the player has no more of that block), the operation will still continue but be unable to set any further blocks (at least of that type). Players will be given a list of missing block types at the end. If there are any missing blocks that do not require another block (such as a torch, which requires a wall or floor), the operation will abort before these dependent blocks are placed. In the case of failure, //undo and //redo can be utilized to repeat an operation. When a block is placed into a player's inventory as a result of a block being removed, it will be the mined block, or no block in some cases. Glass and bookshelf books are given. Water and lava blocks are not given and are not needed for setting. Note that chests will not copy correctly and instead drop their items when they are removed, preventing the copying and pasting of chests in order to duplicate items. Inventory usage is programmed into a very low level of WorldEdit, and so all operations will use it.

If you want some users to not have to use their inventory, you can enable the inventory override configuration setting and give the worldedit.inventory.unrestricted permission.

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