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WorldEdit supports DinnerPerms (aka SuperPerms or BukkitPermissions), Bukkit's permissions wrapper for permissions. This is the default permissions system for WorldEdit but can be disabled in wepif.yml to use the flatfile or configuration permissions systems. DinnerPerms support is implemented in a way that has several notable differences from DinnerPerms support in other plugins. The differences are detailed below.

Warning: DinnerPerms has some limitations over other permissions systems supported by WorldEdit.

Wildcard permissions

As with Permissions, giving node1.node2.* will give node1.node2.node3 and node1.node2.node4. This will work for any permission. Permissions can only be checked for a player in the world that a player is currently in, limiting per-world permissions. This is a Bukkit limitation.


As the DinnerPerms system does not have the concept of groups itself, groups are emulated with the permissions node group.<groupname>. The group names are lowercased when they are registered with DinnerPerms though. Group inheritance for group nodes may have to be set up manually in the permissions provider configuration.

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