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23 August, 2012

  • New integrated SVG editor. Use the 'Insert SVG' button in the editor to access, to allow you to insert informational graphics on the fly.
  • Tweaks to talk page discussion threads so that they are easier to read.
  • .svg upload support, with better SVG rendering added.

22 August, 2012

21 August, 2012

  • MediaWiki updated to version 1.19.
  • Facebook login now supported.
  • Subpage titles are now formatted to be easier to understand, doing away with the slashes.
  • Installed the Vector extension.
  • Installed WikiEditor, replacing the outdated FCKEditor.
  • Installed TitleKey.

20 August, 2012

  • New theme, with new color style.

Known issues

  • Images are currently very aggressively cached and new changes may not appear for a while.

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